BlueSmart Charger IP 65 12 V / 25 A

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€184.83 This is a NET-price excluding German VAT. Shipments to countries outside of the EU may be subject to import duties and taxes.
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Item no.
Model no.
VICTRON - Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/25(1)
Device type
Network AC voltage
180 - 265 V
Battery nominal voltage
12 V
Charging Current
25 A
Charging outputs
Battery Capacity
80 - 250 Ah
Battery type
Lead/Acid, AGM, GEL, Lithium (LifePO4)
Power Lead
Integrated fan
Integrated charging cable
Temperature sensor can be connected
Optional remote display/operation
14 cm
75 mm
24 cm
1.9 kg

Product details

Highly efficient charger with an efficiency of up to 94% and very low power consumption when the battery is fully charged. Thanks to the multi-stage charging algorithm, the battery is always supplied with exactly the right amount of energy that is needed. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are charged using a special algorithm.

Long-life, safe and quiet
Output current is reduced if the temperature rises above 60 °C, but the charger will not fail. With no fan or moving parts, the charger is silent. The IP65 protection class guarantees first-class protection against dust, water and chemicals.

Recovery function for fully discharged batteries
The BlueSmart charger has a charging output that attempts to recharge even deeply discharged batteries. To do this, the charger will attempt to recharge a fully discharged battery with low current and resume normal charging once sufficient voltage has developed across the battery terminals.

Temperature compensated charging
The optimal charge voltage of a lead-acid battery varies inversely with temperature. The charger measures ambient temperature during the test phase and compensates for temperature during the charge process. Special settings are not needed.

Storage mode

Even the lower float charge voltage that follows the absorption period will cause grid corrosion. It is therefore essential to reduce the charge voltage even further when the battery remains connected to the charger for more than 48 hours

Integrated Bluetooth
With its integrated Bluetooth you can monitor the status of the charger and batteries with a smartphone or tablet. The charger can be configured and updated using the VictronConnect app.

Technical specifications
Input voltage 230 V AC
Charging current 25 A
Efficiency 94%
Standby power consumption 0.5 W
Frequency 45-65 Hz
Charging ports 1
Charge voltage 'absorption' Normal: 14.4 V.
High: 14.7 V
Li-ion: 14.2 V
Charge voltage 'float' Normal: 13.8 V
High: 13.8 V.
Li-ion: 13.5 V
Charge voltage 'storage' Normal: 13.2 V
High: 13.2 V
Li-ion: 13.5 V
Operating temperature range -30 to +50 ° C
Material Aluminium
Battery terminal Crocodile clips or M8 cable lugs
IP nominal value IP65
Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 75 x 140 x 240 mm


multi-flag Manual
PDF, 783,83 KB

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Technical question

User image of Aleksi B.
Aleksi B. asked
on Aug 1, 2021
Flag of English I had this device working fine for a month. Now it no longer charges (or shows max 0.3A for a very short time). I have tried all settings, including the power source mode, to no help. Connecting via the app happens fine and no error messages are shown, and the device shows the voltage correctly. My pack is Lifepo4, 200Ah.
User image of W P.
W P. answered
on Aug 2, 2021
Hi Aleksi, you also sent us a request to and tod us that you used four WINSTON 200 Ah LiFePO4 batteries, in sum 800 Ah! VICTRON recommends the charger for battery capacities between 80-250 Ah. You have probably overloaded the charger.
User image of Aleksi B.
Aleksi B. answered
on Aug 2, 2021
Hi, like I wrote, I have four cells (3,2V) in series = 200Ah 12V nominal voltage. Thus the load is completely within parameters. As an academical point, Lifepo4 has a much lower charge resistance than lead batteries, so a charger capable of charging 250Ah of lead should be strong enough for a bigger pack of lithium. However my setup is within the mentioned limits.
User image of Aleksi B.
Aleksi B. answered
on Aug 2, 2021
(And sorry, I did not mention in my e-mail earlier that the cells are 3,2V so the confusion comes from there).