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Item no.
Model no.
Anchor type
Ploughshare Anchor
Stainless steel
max. boat length
5 m
for holding ground
Sand, Mud, Shingle/Rock, Weed

Product details

Quality - without compromise!
Handmade anchor in 316 stainless steel and hand polished. ULTRA MARINE anchors have an optimal weight distribution, so the anchor always turns back to the correct position. The anchors are easy to recover thanks to the flat swivel surface on the underside. They are suitable for any type of vessel and can be placed on the bow roller.

Innovative functions

1: Reinforced circular handle will not bend, break or fail even under extreme loads.

2: The hollow shank gives the anchor increased buoyancy and ensures the centre of gravity is lower in the anchor body and closer to its penetrating tip. This makes sure the anchor always hits the seabed right side up and in the correct position.

3: The anchor is made of a single-piece, high-quality stainless steel construction. It is easy to clean and polish, stays corrosion-free for years and does not need to be re-galvanised.

4: "Non-chain-foul" design ensures the chain cannot simply wrap itself around the shank.

5: Flat pivot surface on the underside base ensures the anchor is easily recoverable.

6: Side wing plates help to stabilise the anchor horizontally as it penetrates the seabed.

7: Concave fluke has the appearance of a shovel, and with a greater surface area it has extreme holding power.

8: Rounded, downward pointing tip is reinforced on the inside and ensures that the anchor holds correctly.

9: The tip is attached separately at the bottom and prevents dragging and overstretching. It also provides instant set when the anchor moves.

10: Thanks to the lead filled tip, the anchor penetrates the seabed when most anchors would have difficulty, and ensures optimal weight distribution.


5 kg 8 kg 12 kg 16 kg 21 kg 27 kg 35 kg 45 kg 60 kg 80 kg
A 293.3 343.0 392.6 432.2 473.2 514.5 561.0 610.0 671.4 739.0
B 165.4 193.5 221.4 243.7 266.9 290.2 316.0 344.0 378.7 416.8
C 109.5 128.1 146.6 161.4 176.7 192.1 210.0 227.8 250.7 276.0
D 30.0 32.0 37.0 40.0 44.0 48.0 52.0 57.0 62.0 69.0
Ø 13.0 14.0 15.0 16.0 17.0 18.0 20.0 22.0 24.0 26.0
E 52.3 61.1 70.0 77.0 84.3 91.7 100.0 108.7 119.7 131.7
F 71.6 83.8 95.9 105.5 115.6 125.6 137.0 149.0 164.0 180.5
G 255.1 298.4 341.6 375.9 411.6 447.6 488.0 530.6 584.0 642.8
H 330.4 386.4 442.3 442.3 533.0 579.6 632.0 687.2 756.4 832.5
I 180.9 211.6 242.2 266.5 291.8 317.3 346.0 376.2 414.1 455.8
J 79.5 92.9 106.4 117.1 128.2 139.4 152.0 165.3 181.9 200.2
K 13.6 15.9 18.2 20.0 21.9 23.8 26.0 28.3 31.1 34.2
L 45.5 53.2 60.9 67.0 73.4 79.8 87.0 94.6 104.1 114.6
N 545.8 638.3 730.7 804.2 880.5 957.5 1044.0 1135.2 1249.5 1375.2
O 385.8 451.2 516.5 568.5 622.5 676.8 738.0 802.5 883.3 972.1
P 426.6 498.9 571.1 628.6 688.2 748.4 816.0 887.3 976.6 1074.9
Q 325.7 380.9 436.0 479.9 525.5 571.4 623.0 677.4 745.6 820.7
R 201.3 235.4 269.5 296.6 324.7 353.1 385.0 418.6 460.8 507.1
S 161.5 188.9 238.0 238.0 260.6 283.4 309.0 336.0 369.8 407.0
T 26.7 31.2 35.7 39.3 43.0 46.8 51.0 55.5 61.0 67.0

Dimensions in mm.


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multi-flag Manual
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multi-flag Manual
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What other SVB customers have to say

100% real reviews
Hendrik H.
Flag of Germany 33236
The technically best anchor on the market
We use the Ultra anchor with 27kg and 80m Cromox chain 8mm on our Viator Explorer 42 DS. All in all, that is a considerable investment, so you need good arguments for the Ultra. Ultimately, Anker is the wrong place to start saving when buying a yacht. Finally, at anchor, the entire yacht hangs on this anchor with equipment often worth many 100,000 euros. And on a long voyage, a broken anchor can end the dream when the boat is on the cliffs. So we wanted the safest anchor available on the market for our yacht. The price was irrelevant. We looked at all of the tests and videos that were available through various anchors. And then we decided on the Ultra. Conclusion after a season with the Ultra he has never let us down. It digs in incredibly quickly and then holds firmly in place. And it looks perfect at the bow. A fancy yacht shouldn't have a rusty anchor hanging on the bow.
Klaus R.
Flag of Germany 33231
5 years good experience
I already have the second U. Marine anchor (boat change). Almost all anchors hold on sand. The advantage of the UM anchor on sand is that it digs in again immediately, even when the wind changes. He digs himself in well on grass as long as you drive the maneuver correctly. I had a delta before that was not good on grass. I have only had good experience with Ultra Marine so far. The quality is very good and I would buy it again.
Andreas K.
Flag of Germany 33231
Der Perfekte Anker
I have been using the anchor since 2019 and have used it in many bays on my way from the Baltic Sea to Portugal, as well as a season in the Mediterranean - together with the matching flip swivel. After 50 years of sailing experience, various types of anchors and countless nights at anchor, I can only praise this anchor in the highest tones. It's the best anchor I've ever had. It always stops immediately, digs in on the spot and digs deeper and deeper into the ground when there is a lot of wind. No matter how hard I pull the anchor, it never breaks out. Of course, it also holds in the event of alternating loads, e.g. When catching up, the matching flip swivel ensures that the anchor rotates into the correct position on the anchor fitting. The breaking load of this swivel is far higher than that of the chain. The anchor itself is usually completely clean when it is being caught up thanks to its smooth surface. In the meantime, many tests of the anchor can be found on the Internet, also in comparison to others, e.g. the above-cited (in my experience) poor M-anchor. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this security is worth the real amount of money. I think it's worth it.
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