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SUNWARE - Solarmodul SW-20185
Construction type
Nominal Power @ 12 V
120 W
max. Power Current (Imp)
5.87 A
Short circuit current (Isc)
6.34 A
Open circuit voltage (Uoc)
22.2 V
Module connection
Front side
Connector cable
Round, multi-core
101.2 cm
68.9 cm
5 mm
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The SW-20185 solar panel is designed for large solar systems. The 120 Wp panel is mainly designed for 12 V systems, but may also be used in a series conjunction with 24 V systems as well. Depending on the level of irradiation, the panel provides a charging current of up to 6.34 A.
  • 6.34 A max. charging current
  • 23-32 Ah daily yield
  • 10 white screw rosettes
  • Cell protector included
Average daily yield (May-Sep):
  • North / Baltic Sea area is approx. 4 x 6.34 => 23 Ah/day
  • Mediterranean, Caribbean or California => 32 Ah/day
The base material is constructed as an aluminium sandwich core. The cells are ducted to the new core material perfectly, giving support and protection. The solar panel adapts to curved surfaces, with a maximum curvature of 3 cm / meter of panel length.
The panels are specially designed for rough sea and salt water. The cable outlet is screwed to the mounting plate, completely sealed and 100% saltwater proof. With hermetic encapsulation, cells and the base plate are well protected - even against saltwater.
In the solar industry, the solar cell has prevailed with an edge length of 156mm x 156mm in recent years. Up until recently, a basic cell was 100mm x 100mm in size. In order to be able to manufacture the most powerful cells in the future, all panel formats have been adjusted to correspond with current cell formats, while reducing their dimensions.
Please note that the power output of solar panels comes directly from the intensity of incident light - not heat. This means that the power output will fluctuate depending on the time of year and location. For optimal performance, the panel should be oriented as perpendicular as possible to the sun and any shade should be avoided.

Technical data

Name Value Unit
Pmax 120.0 Wp
Imax 5.87 A
Uoc 22.2 V
Isc 6.34 A
Number of cells 35 pcs
Cell format 104.0 x 156.0 mm
Length 1012 mm
Width 689 mm
Drill holes 8 x 9 mm
Sys. voltage 12.0 V
Base 3.0 mm Aluminium sandwich
Cable outlet On the frontside
Cable 3 x 1.5 mm²
Cable length 3.0 m
Colour White
Net weight 4.7 KG
Gross weight 7.0 KG

Made in Germany!
All SunWare products are developed, tested and produced in Germany. The front cover of the panels are also made in Germany. By doing this, the high quality requirements of our products and materials can also be guaranteed.


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Ronny G.
by Ronny G. Flag of Germany 6/7/2021 Verified purchase
I use 2 of these modules and I am very satisfied. There can never be enough electricity. The technical details match the yield. Apart from the fact that I have mounted the modules horizontally on the cabin roof, I get 10A in very good weather. The price is pretty steep, but I'm very happy with that.
Peter L.
by Peter L. Flag of Germany 4/8/2020 Verified purchase
sehr gute deutsche Qualität
It's really worth paying a little more and buying a German product. If you look at the Asian providers on the Internet and what users write about them (including photos!) You get otherwise. Good workmanship, the price at SVB is only minimally above the Internet. But it's worth it, because Mr. Wolfgang Pohl gave great advice. Took time and answered all questions patiently.

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Technical question

User image of Gordon M.
Gordon M. asked
on Nov 30, 2021
Flag of English I would prefer to buy this German product for what I believe will be a better quality manufacture . My Q is Can this 100w model be attached to a Sumbrella fabric bimini or would it become very hot. I am from Scotland but will be using this on my small yacht in Greece Thank you Gordon
User image of W P.
W P. answered
on Dec 9, 2021
Hello Gordon, of course the dark PV cells get warm when exposed to direct sunlight and also give off this heat to the underside of the module. Nevertheless, many customers place their semi-flexible solar modules directly on the bimini and have no problems with this. But there is another reason not to place modules >50 W directly on the bimini or to hang them freely on the railing or elsewhere. This applies to semi-flexible modules from all manufacturers!!! Powerful semi-flexible modules are very thin and long. This means they can easily be bent back and forth. If, for example, the wind moves the fabric of the bimini, the module is also moved with it. These constant, albeit small, movements can cause irreparable interruptions inside the module. Modules damaged in this way are not covered by the warranty! But you can easily solve the problem and brace #20714# by mounting it on a very light 3 mm thick aluminium sandwich panel. We don't have these panels in our range, but they are offered online eg. under the name Alubond or Dibond. However, there is another excellent solution to the problem: SUNWARE has developed modules in its TX series that can be used on the bimini without any hesitation. See or