SUNWARE FOX-062 Miniature Charge Controller / PWM / 6 A

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€62.98 This is a NET-price excluding German VAT. Shipments to countries outside of the EU may be subject to import duties and taxes.
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SUNWARE - FOX-062 miniature-charge regulator / 6 A
Solar regulator type
Charging outputs
Nominal Power @ 12 V
100 W
Operating voltage
12 V, 24 V
Battery type
Lead-Acid, AGM, GEL, Lithium (LifePO4)

Product details

The FOX-062 is a highly modern miniature-charge regulator for 12 V and 24 V solar systems. Even though it is small in size, the overcharge protection is designed for a solar current of 6 A. This corresponds to 100 Wp max. solar power at 12 V or 200 Wp at 24 V. Reverse current protection is integrated.
The charging characteristic can be set for lead-acid, GEL, LiFePO4 or AGM batteries using the red DIP switch in the controller housing. The opening can be closed with a slide, making accidental change and dirt entry impossible.
A protective SureSeal socket is located on the input end, into which a SureSeal plug can be inserted. On the output end towards the batteries, there is a car plug connector with integrated safety. When the red adapter is switched off, the car connector can also be used.
Delivery includes 1m cable 2x1.5 mm² with SureSeal plug on one end, This allows each module to be directly connected to the charge controller.
Note: Modules with a maximum output of 100 Wp can be connected to this charge controller in a 12 V on-board network. In a 24 V on-board network, the maximum module output must not exceed 200 Wp.

Technical Data
  • 12 V / 24 V system voltage
  • 6 A max. solar power (lsc)
  • 100 watts solar power at 12 V
  • 200 watts solar power at 24 V
  • Suitable module voltages for 12V systems:
    • Open circuit voltage Uoc > 16V and < 24V
    • Voltage at maximum power Ump > 14V and < 20V
  • Suitable module voltages for 24V systems:
    • Open circuit voltage Uoc > 32V and < 48V
    • Voltage at maximum power Ump > 28V and < 40V
  • Battery type adjustable via DIP switch to lead-acid, AGM, gel or LiFePO4 batteries
  • Charging voltage
    • Lead acid 14.4 V
    • AGM 14.5 V
    • Gel 14.3 V
    • LiFePO4 14.6 V
    • Trickle charge 13.8 V
  • Multi-colour LED indicator

High charging efficiency
This charge controller is designed as a series controller with active reverse current protection. A charging degree effectiveness of 98% is achieved. In contrast to MPPT regulators, this regulator type has a up to 20% higher charging performance while using 12 V or 24 V solar modules. High converter losses are fully avoided.
This series controller really stands out in very low lighting; in a normal MPPT regulator, losses would strongly influence the flow rate.
Since the FOX - 062 has no leakage, no cooler is necessary. Der beste Beweis für optimales Layout der Schaltung.

Automatic 12 V / 24 V recognition
After plugging in the controller, the controller checks the current battery voltage and thereby determines the system voltage of the battery. No settings need to be made for this.
The controller will not start if the battery voltage is less than 8.6 V for safety reasons, as the battery may be defective.

LED display
The FOX-062 is equipped with a three-colour LED. A variety of information regarding the battery and charge can be presented by combining the LED colours and adjusting the light duration or flashing frequency:
  • Flashing red: battery empty (< 20 %)
  • Constant red: battery low (< 30 %)
  • Orange: battery normal (30% - 70 %)
  • Constant green: battery normal (> 70 %)
  • Flashing green: battery full (100 %)

When charging current is flowing from the solar module into the battery, the LED flickers briefly every few seconds. If the plug is pulled out of the socket, the LED goes off - even if a solar module is connected.

Made in Germany!
All SunWare products are developed, tested and produced in Germany. The front cover of the modules are also made in Germany. By doing this, the high quality requirements of our products and materials can also be guaranteed.

On request, extension cables with SureSeal plug and socket are available in 5 or 10 m lengths.


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Thomas J.
by Thomas J. Flag of Germany 8/9/2021 Verified purchase
Works flawlessly.
Ralph H.
by Ralph H. Flag of Germany 4/20/2019 Verified purchase
Everything was great, price and delivery and return service, all very well; The part itself OK, but unfortunately not suitable for my "electronics" contaminated car. Customer service and reversal was perfect.
Jochen L.
by Jochen L. Flag of Germany 9/21/2015 Verified purchase
Easy installation, but actually not necessary for me. I have two mobile solar panels á 80 watts in series for a 24V system. The small Fox comes with up to 200 W clear at 24V. After I had the appropriate plug connection at the open end of the cable, simply plug into an electrical outlet and the charging process starts after about 15 seconds. The surprise comes after a few minutes: the charging process is interrupted again and again. First I thought here is a mistake, but then I am assured of the very competent support of Sunware, that must be so. There is no user guide for this device. The LED changes the color depending on the charge level of the battery. In the case of sunlight, however, the colors are difficult to distinguish. The charger is, in my opinion, only required if you leave your solar modules unattended for longer. If you like I use the modules only when needed, you can also connect them without charger and has a continuous charging current.

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