Solar Starter Set: Module C50 / 50W

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Solar starter set: module C50 / 50W incl. solar regulator and connection accessories
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Product description

The semi-flexible and robust SUNBEAM C50 solar module features 36 powerful SUNPOWER back contact cells and is highly efficient and compact. It is perfectly suited for the harsh conditions on board, but also makes for an interesting solar power supply option in the caravanning industry. It is equipped with 90 cm long connection cables (2x 2.5 mm²) including MC4 connectors. Connection to the charge regulator is carried out via a 5 m long connection cable (2x 2.5 mm²), which is also equipped with MC4 connectors. The module can be screwed to the surface for fixed installation using stainless steel eyelets (screws are not included) or it can be glued with the included construction adhesive. This is suitable for elastic bonding of various materials, such as metals, GRP, wood, various plastics, etc.. The waterproof (IP68) PHOCOS Eco 10 PWM charge regulator can process solar input voltages of up to 30 V and currents of up to 10 A, the 50 W starter set can thus be extended by a further 100 W solar. Thanks to its IU charging characteristics, it is suitable for all common 12 Volt batteries in lead/acid technology (also AGM and GEL), has only one charging output and one connection with battery deep discharge protection for consumers such as lights, cool boxes, etc.... The consumer connection may be loaded with max. 10 A or 120 W. A 6-fold fuse holder with individual contacts is provided to protect the charging cables against short circuits in as close proximity to the battery as possible. A 5 A flat fuse is included. If further solar modules are to be connected, the fuse value must not exceed 15 A. The unused slots can be used to protect the consumer connection (max. 10 A, not included in delivery) or for replacement fuses.

Features of the solar module
  • 36 highly efficient SUNPOWER back contact cells
  • Power: 50W
  • Semi-flexible (60° per meter)
  • 3 mm thick
  • Connection box approx. 9 x 9 x 150 mm with bypass diode,
    2 connecting cables (2.5 mm²), waterproof according to IP67
  • Low weight
  • Walk-on-able (for fixed mounting on level and solid surfaces)
Technical specifications SUNBEAM C50
Maximum power Pmax 50W
Open circuit voltage Voc 23.4 v
Short-circuit current Isc 2.71 A
Voltage Vmp 19.8 v
Electricity Imp 2.53 A
Weight* 1 kg
Dimensions LxB 622 x 535
Length of connecting cables 90 cm
Connector MC4
All values ​​according to STC (standard test conditions), measured 1000 W / m², AM 1.5, at 25 ° C.
* Weight without cable. Temp coefficient for Isc 0.05 (% / ° C), for Voc -0.27 (% / ° C), from Pmax -0.38 (% / ° C).

Features of the charge controller
  • Designed for small 12 V solar systems
  • Waterproof according to IP68
  • Integrated protection against
    • Reverse polarity
    • Short circuit and overcurrent
    • Overvoltage / undervoltage
    • Overtemperature
    • Battery discharge
  • LED function indicator for charging status or malfunction
  • A charge output for lead / acid batteries (also AGM and GEL)
  • Solar input max. 30V, 10A
  • Consumer connection with battery deep discharge protection, max. 10 A loadable
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 87 x 16 x 51 mm
Technical specifications Eco 10
System voltage 12V
Max. charge current 10 A
Max. load current 10 A
Voltage trickle charge 13.8 V (25 ° C)
Voltage main charge 14.4 V (25 ° C), 0.5 hrs (daily)
Boost charge 14.4 V (25 ° C), 2 hours, activation at battery voltage <12.3 V.
Overvoltage protection 15.5 V
Deep discharge protection, cut-off voltage 11.0V
Reactivation voltage 12.8 V
Undervoltage protection 10.5V
Max. PV voltage 30 v
Max. battery voltage 30 v
Temperature compensation (charging voltage) -4.2 mV / K per cell
Quiescent current <5mA
Grounding Positive grounding
Ambient temperature -40 to +60 ° C
Max. height 4,000 m above sea level. NN
Battery type Lead / acid (GEL, AGM, liquid acid)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 87 x 51 x 16 mm
Weight 110 g
Protection IP68

Installation instructions
  • solar module
    • Semiflexible means that the module can be adjusted once during assembly by bending it to the mounting surface. Repeated bending and bending of the module in the wind can lead to significant loss of performance, in the worst case to irreversible damage (loss of warranty claim).
    • All semiflexible modules can only be walked on on flat and solid surfaces if they are mounted in place.
    • As a rule, according to the module manufacturer, a little construction adhesive on the outside edge of the module is sufficient for permanent bonding.
  • charge controller
    • If the charge controller is installed in a vehicle whose battery negative is connected to the vehicle ground, neither the solar module nor the loads connected to the controller must be connected to the vehicle ground. Otherwise, deep discharge protection and overcurrent protection of the charge controller would be shorted out.
    • Earthing of the charge controller is only permitted via the PLUS connections.

As optional accessories we recommend
  • For connecting controller and connecting cables: eg butt cable connector (2.5 - 6.0 mm²) (63732 )
  • For the fuse holder: fully insulated spade connectors (63712 )
  • Tinned single core wires (4.0 mm²) 6479 (black) and 6480 (red)
  • Other helpful installation material: Ring cable terminals for battery connection (63737, 63738 or 63758 ), multipurpose tape (16709 ) or shrink tubing (55427 ) and cable ties (46730 ), adhesive cable tie mounts (51922 ) and spiral cable ties (16324 ).
  • To increase performance, additional solar modules (max 100 W) can be connected in parallel. For this we recommend item 24282 (SUNBEAM C50) or item 24283 (SUNBEAM C100). For easy wiring, the QuickClip4 set (22302 ) or the MC4 connector set (22345) can be used.

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