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SIMARINE - PICO Blue Package / black
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Model no. PK21N3SB
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SIMARINE - PICO Blue Package / silver
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Model no. PK21N3SS
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SIMARINE - PICO Blue Package / black / mounting kit
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Model no. PK21N3PB
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Product details

The PICO Blue Package offers you a complete monitoring system for your 12/24 volt battery. With many connectivity options and ease of use, this device provides you with a simple overview of all important details regarding your battery (voltage, current, amp hours, battery capacity in%, battery temperature) and also regarding tank levels and temperatures. Equipped with a 3.5" LCD TFT screen, high-resolution IPS technology with high brightness, optimal color reproduction, wide viewing angles and a virtually indestructible Gorilla glass with anti-reflection coating, the PICO Blue is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Thanks to special capacitive CapSense® touch buttons, you can easily operate your PICO even with wet fingers. You can also monitor individual loads (refrigerators) or generators (wind generator) via a 4-fold measuring shunt.
Maximum monitoring capability of the set: 1 x battery bank with "Real-Time Battery Health ™" (monitors current, voltage and temperature), 4 x battery voltages, 4 x tank levels or temperatures, 4 x individual consumer currents or generators. The PICO also has a barograph display that determines and displays precise information regarding air pressure and the current trend.

The scope of delivery includes a 500 A measuring shunt, a tank module and a 4 x measuring shunt with 25 A each. The shunt is designed for a maximum output of 7200 watt at 12 volts and 14400 watt at 24 volts. The tank module is equipped with four resistance inputs for resistance sensors or temperature sensors and three voltage inputs for voltage tanks, sensors and battery voltages. The measuring shunt is suitable for monitoring loads on board, you can connect the individual inputs to receive up to 50 A.

Simarine Pico

Make your battery visible.
Pico ensures precise measurement of voltage, current, and temperature of your battery, gives you an accurate status regarding your battery's condition, health and many other useful details.

Simarine Pico

Read your

- Battery charging status
- Time to charge
- Time remaining

Without pressing a button.

Simarine Pico

Read your tank levels and receive alerts. You can use your existing tank sensors.

Simarine Pico

Receive information regarding air pressure status, changes and trends.

Simarine Pico

Pico is quick and easy to set up, you can also set it up via your mobile phone.

Simarine Pico

show percentage of battrey charge

Simarine Pico

time of battery remaining

Simarine Pico

real-time charging overview

Simarine Pico

never forget when to charge

Simarine Pico

real-time battery health algorithm™

Simarine Pico

remote access via the mobile app

Simarine Pico App

With a free Android and iOS app, you can connect your PICO to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. This allows you to conveniently monitor the battery from your smartphone and change the settings of your PICO.

Technical specifications
Operating voltage 6 - 35 V DC
Temperature range -10 to +70°C
Power consumption WiFi on, 100% lighting 90 mA
Power consumption WiFi off, 70% lighting 35mA
Power consumption WiFi off, 0% lighting 18mA
Dimensions stand-alone (without connections) 98 x 84 x 10 mm
Dimensions of built-in installation (without connections) 108.5 x 94 x 20 mm

The PICO sets in comparison
PICO one set PICO standard set PICO Blue Set
Battery banks 1x up to 300A 1x up to 300A 1x up to 500A
Battery voltage monitoring 2x 4x 4x
Tanks up to 2 tanks up to 4 tanks up to 7 tanks
Temperatures up to 2 temperatures up to 4 temperatures up to 4 temperatures
Smartphone App / Wi-Fi
Consumption / charging current monitoring via four 25 A measuring shunts
Casing aluminum aluminum aluminum
Anti-reflection Gorilla® glass
Waterproof and dus tproof
4 water-resistant CapSense® buttons
Expandable with other modules
Simarine Pico Blue
  1. When the shunt is mounted in the battery's NEGATIVE line, the state of charge (SOC) of a 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, or 72 volt battery system can be monitored. ONLY with 12 or 24 volt battery systems, the shunt can also be mounted in the battery's POSITIVE line.
  2. In addition to other measuring modules, up to 6 shunts can be connected to the PICO Standard or PICO Blue, which can independently detect the state of charge (SOC) of different battery systems, e.g. of a 12 volt and a 24 volt battery bank.

Battery types

  • Do PICO and PICOone devices support lithium-ion batteries?
    The PICO system is compatible with LiFePO4 batteries
  • Which battery types are supported?
  • Generally all lead / acid batteries such as AGM, GEL and LiFePO4 batteries

    Firmware update

  • Is there a smartphone app?
  • Yes. The Simarine "PICO Battery Monitor" app is available for free on the Google Playstore or App Store.

  • Can I update the PICO firmware myself?
  • Yes. The PICO product family is constantly improved and updated with new functions. It is thus recommended to keep the PICO firmware up to date.
    Update can be done with the "PICO Battery Monitor" smartphone app . The app can be downloaded as described above.

    Use the serial number of the PICO to create the WLAN SSID and password. You can find the serial number on the back of the PICO display or on the front side of the original packaging or in the PICO system menu (PICO SETTINGS -> SYSTEM -> System Info.).

    If your PICO serial number is "12345678".
    Your SSID is: Pico5678
    Your password is: pico1234

    Before updating the firmware, update the "PICO Battery Monitor" smartphone app via the respective store and then follow the steps below.
    1. Install or update the "PICO Battery Monitor" app on your smartphone, turn on the WiFi connection of your PICO device and connect your smartphone to the PICO WiFi hotspot (PICOxxxx).
    2. Start the "PICO Battery Monitor" app on your smartphone. Open the "Settings" menu and click "Update PICO Fimrware" to put your PICO device into upgrade mode.
    3. The update process takes less than a minute. Then your PICO restarts.

    Consumption and generator monitoring

  • Can I monitor the power consumption of my inverter with the PICOs?
  • Yes. Using the SC300, SC500, SC302T shunts, the PICOs accurately measure the power consumption of individual large consumers such as inverters, bow thrusters, windlasses, etc. With the SCQ25 module, currents up to max. 100A can be monitored just as precisely. You can read the exact current consumption values and a consumption history from your PICO display.
  • I'd like to know if my solar panels generate enough electricity to power a refrigerator. How do I get this information?

  • Simply integrate the Simarine SCQ25 module (4 inputs, each with a power of 25A, individual inputs can be summed via the software) into your PICO system.
    The SCQ25 module provides accurate power readings generated by your solar system or consumed by your refrigerator.

  • Can the PICO devices show how much power is generated by my solar panel?
  • Yes. With the PICO battery monitor, you can measure how much power your solar panels or wind generators supply. This is also a very good tool to detect malfunctions of individual energy sources.
    If, for example, your solar panels get dirty and therefore produce less power, you can easily and conveniently see this on your PICO display.

    External protocols

  • Do PICO devices support CI-BUS (special Caravan data bus system)?
  • Not yet. A CI-BUS support is planned.

  • Do PICO devices support NMEA protocol?
  • Not yet. NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 support is under development.


  • Is it possible to use more than one PICO display on one battery bank?
  • This option is being planned and will be part of a future firmware update.

  • Should I use a shunt to monitor battery voltage, battery power and battery temperature? Or is it just enough to monitor the battery voltage?
  • To accurately monitor your battery bank, a shunt is required. This is not only to provide data enthusiasts information about the current status of the battery bank, it is for your safety!

    We recommend shunts when using large consumers, such as B. bow and stern thrusters, and windlasses. Such consumers can significantly discharge their batteries within a very short time.
    This can mean, for example, that batteries could be damaged quickly if they are not sufficiently charged.

    If you just want to monitor the battery used to start your engines, in most cases it is enough to simply monitor the battery voltage.

  • What is a battery bank?
  • If two or more batteries are used in a parallel or series connection, these batteries are called battery banks.

    Parallel connection
    If batteries are connected in parallel, capacity increases (Ah / ampere hours), while the voltage (Volt) remains the same.
    Three 100Ah batteries with a voltage of 12V are connected by a parallel connection. This results in a battery bank with a capacity of 300Ah at a voltage of 12V.


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Item no.: 24373,24374,24375,24376
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Finn K.
Flag of Denmark Verified purchase 24373
Upgrade of montoring electric system
Michael K.
Flag of Switzerland Verified purchase 24373
Wirklich sehr schön und praktisch.
Creates an overview in every respect.
Bernhard Z.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase 24373
This is exactly what I was looking for
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Technical question

User image of Andreas K.
Andreas K. asked
on Feb 28, 2018
Flag of English meine Batteriebank hat eine Kapazität von 720A, aber PICO Blue kann nur bis 500A verwalten. Gibt es grössere Shunts?
User image of Detlef K.
Detlef K. answered
on Mar 1, 2018
Man darf die Batteriekapazität (Ladung) Q, die in Ah (Amperestunden = A*h) angegeben wird nicht mit einem maximalen Stom I verwechseln, der in A (Ampere) angegeben wird, verwechseln! You should not mix up the battery capacity, a charge Q, measured in Ah (amps hours = A*h) with a maximal electric current I, measured in A (amps)!
User image of Marko P.
Marko P. asked
on Apr 30, 2019
Flag of English Hi all, I would like to install the Pico monitor on my sailing boat, but don’t know which model I need for the following configuration on board: 3x12V (Vmax=3x19,8V) solar pannels in series, connected to Victron MPPT 1x400W wind generator with own controller 3x110Ah service battery 1x100Ah starter battery. I would also like to monitor the actual consumption of the on-board electric system. Any suggestions welcome. If more information is required, I can send them with pictures. Thanks in advance.
User image of W P.
W P. answered
on May 2, 2019
Hi Marco, in your inquiry are some essential details missing and your data regarding solar are not clear. Are the PV modules really switched in series or are they switched parallel? (3x Vmax in series = 59,4 V, 3x Vmax parallel = 19,8 V, am I right, all PV modules are the same type?) Tell me the short circuite current (Isc) or the max. power (Wp) of the PV modules. And I need to know: what are the max. charging or load currents, which have to pass the Pico's shunt. Max charging current could come from the alternator, max load current could be the current of a powerful thruster or an electric winch or an inverter. Pico sets use 3 different Shunts. One type can continously carry 500 A (6000 W @ 12 V) continously, the other 300 A (3600 W @ 12 V) and the third 4 x 25 A (4x 300 W @ 12 V). Pico allows to switch shunts parallel and add the resulting values by software. So eg. the 4x 25 A could be used for currents up to 100 A (300/600/900/1200 W @ 12 V). This case is an example of that we need from you very precise information about the equipment of the boat and the planned use of the pico in order to be able to recommend an appropriate set or other required components. Unfortunately we are not able to communicate in detail via this customer portal. Please send your detailed inquiry to I'm looking forward to answer then all your questions.

General question

User image of Santiago S.
Santiago S. asked
on Mar 22, 2018
Flag of English hello, What are the diferences betwen ítem 24373 and 24376? Both ítems have the same Price.
User image of Judith S.
Judith S. answered
on Mar 22, 2018
Hi Santiago, the difference is that 24373 can oly be mounted "on top", 24376 is a flush mounting device. Both are avaialble either in black or silver.