PHAESUN MPPT Western WMarine 10 Solar Regulator

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€167.18 This is a NET-price excluding German VAT. Shipments to countries outside of the EU may be subject to import duties and taxes.
Article Number
Model no.
12 / 24V MPPT Buck Boost solar regulator - 10A
Solar regulator type
Charging outputs
Nominal Power @ 12 V
120 W
Operating voltage
12 V, 24 V
Battery type
Lead-Acid, AGM, Gel, Lithium (LifePO4)

Product details

Thanks to its buck-boost MPPT technology, the WESTERN WMarine10 is an ideal charge regulator for small 12/24 volt marine / caravan or off-grid applications. Suitable for lead/acid, AGM, gel and LiFePO4 batteries. High-quality workmanship, quick installation, simple 2-button operation, intuitively clear display, programmable day/night detection and overload protection on consumer output. Just some of the highlights of this unique charging regulator!

The outstanding feature of the Wmarine 10 Buck-Boost MPPT regulator* is its ability to transform even very low module voltages below the battery voltage to the required battery charging voltage thanks to its integrated DC/DC converter. Other regulators only become active when the module voltage is a few volts above the battery voltage. The WMarine10 starts at 5 volts and is suitable for module voltages up to max. 40 Voc!
This is particularly interesting for partially shaded 12 V modules, as the module output voltage is too low for the usual downward regulators despite the module bypass diodes that may be present. The Wmarine 10 also performs well in transitional periods with low sunlight and poor lighting conditions, as well as when solar modules are operated in climatically hot environments, as output voltage is known to decrease with increased module temperature.

The WMarine10 is suitable for charging all types of lead/acid batteries (maintainable/maintenance-free with liquid acid, AGM and GEL) as well as LiFePO4 batteries. It has a charging output/battery connection. When it is connected to the battery, it automatically detects whether a 12 V or 24 V battery is being used.
An external temperature sensor with 2 m connection cable (included in delivery) monitors the battery temperature and ensures a temperature-compensated charging voltage (24 mV/°C). Thanks to a 2-pole screw-plug connection, the sensor can be easily connected to the controller. The small sensor itself is isolated and can be attached to the side of the upper third of the battery housing with insulating tape or directly to a pole terminal and fastened there with cable ties. A sensor that is not connected or a connection cable break is shown "-32°C" in the display.

The few necessary basic settings as well as switching to the different input and output display values (voltage, current, power, temperature) is done with 2 large keys (1 cm Ø).
The values are shown on a 46 x 28 mm LC display with clearly visible symbols, as well as text and numerical values.

The regulator has a programmable consumer output connection with 5 switching options for load currents up to 15 amps with overload and deep discharge protection. The consumer output connection can also be used in combination with the regulator's adjustable day/night detection. The switch-off and switch-on voltages can also be set. On a boat, the consumer output can be used, for example, for an anchor light or a cooler box (without battery deep discharge protection) in the caravan as a programmable night/orientation light, etc.

The WMarine 10 is quiet and efficient. There is no need for a fan for the small amount of heat generated during use. The solid aluminium housing is completely sufficient for this. There is enough space for the sophisticated electronics, for the 2-pole screw/plug connection of the temperature sensor and for the solid screw terminals, which can easily accommodate cable cross-sections of up to 10 mm². Housing dimensions: 160 x 135 x 50 mm, weight 515 g. The housing has four 4.5 mm drill holes for mounting, drill hole spacing: 149 x 125 mm.

Features at a glance​
  • MPPT buck-boost charge regulator for module voltages between 5 and 40 Voc
  • Automatic detection of 12 V or 24 V battery voltage at startup
  • Maximum module power: 120 Wp for 12V battery and 220 Wp for 24V battery
  • One charge output is suitable for maintainable / maintenance-free lead / acid battery types, AGM, GEL and LiFePO4
  • Temperature compensated charging voltage thanks to external battery sensor
  • 48 LCD displays for input / output values (voltage, current, power), temperature or settings
  • Simple 2-button operation
  • Backflow-free due to integrated blocking diode
  • Consumer connection with 18 programmable functions, max. 15 A load capacity with overload protection and battery deep discharge protection with adjustable switch-off and restart limit
  • Over temperature protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Aluminium metal housing IP20
  • 10 mm² connection terminals
Technical specifications
Battery nominal voltage 12V Battery nominal voltage 24V
Min Type Max Min Type Max
Battery voltage Vbatt 10 v - 16V 20 v - 32V
Open circuit voltage of the solar cell Voc 5 V - 40V 5 V - 40V
Module current Imp - - 10 A - - 10 A
Maximum power of the solar cell Pmp - - 120 W - - 220W
Output voltage at the consumer output Vload - Battery voltage - - Battery voltage -
Max. consumer output current Iload - - 15 A - - 15 A
Charging voltage at 25 ° C program SEAL (factory setting) Veoc 14.4 V 28.8 V
Charging voltage at 25 ° C program FLOOD Veoc 14.8V 29.6V
Charging voltage at 25 ° C program Li Veoc 14.0 V - 14.7 V 28.0 V 29.4 v
Compensation of Veoc depending on the temperature of the battery (Tbatt) Vtadj - -24 mV / ° C - - -48 mV / ° C -
Voltage Low Battery (adjustable) VIb 10.8 V 11.4 V (factory setting) 12.2 V 21.6V 22.8 V (factory setting) 24.4 v
Output Voltage Low Battery (adjustable) Velb 12.4V 13.8 V (factory setting) 13.8 V 24.8 V 27.6 V (factory setting) 27.6V
Voltage detection by day (adjustable) Vday 1.9V 4.4V (factory setting) 9.6 V 1.9V 4.4V (factory setting) 9.6 V
Voltage detection at night:
Vnight = Vday - 1.3 V
Vnight 0.6V - 8.3 V 0.6V 8.3 V
Float tension (adjustable) Vfit 13.2 V - 14.4 V 26.4 V 28.8 V
Absorbtion time (adjustable) Tabs 1 h 3 h (factory setting) 8 h 1 h 3 h (factory setting) 8 h
Consumption Iq 12.7 mA
(Vbat 14,0 V)
17.7 mA
(Vbat 28.0 V)
Operating temperature Tamb -10 ° C 50 ° C -10 ° C 50 ° C
Power loss Ploss 20 W 29 W
Cross section at the terminals 1 mm² 10 mm² 1 mm² 10 mm²
Degree of protection IP20 IP20
Weight - 515 g - - 515 g -

*Additional information about charge regulator technology
Depending on varying operating conditions such as light intensity or module and ambient temperature, the module current and voltage and thus the module power can change continuously. Power = voltage x current or Watt = volt x ampere.
The module output power is therefore not a static value. An MPPT charge controller searches continuously for the point at which the solar module delivers the maximum current and the maximum voltage (i.e.. the maximum power) (depending on its variable operating conditions). This point is called "Max. Power Point", MPP for short.

Due to the constant tracking of the MPP, an MPPT charge regulator can use the available power much more effectively than would be possible with a PWM regulator.
Most charge controllers are "buck regulators" whose solar input voltage must be a few volts above the battery voltage. This higher voltage is converted by a DC/DC converter to the required lower charging voltage, which also results in a higher charging current. A Buck-Boost MPPT regulator is a "buck-boost" regulator which can also use a module voltage below the battery voltage to generate a charging voltage.

  • As soon as the charge regulator is disconnected from the battery, the kW display value for the solar input power is automatically cleared.
  • The total kW value of the consumer output power can be deleted when the display is active by simultaneously pressing the two control buttons.


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