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€58.78 This is a NET-price excluding German VAT. Shipments to countries outside of the EU may be subject to import duties and taxes.
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Petroleum heater
Not specified
Thermal output
2.2 kW
0.3 l/h
33 cm
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4.1 kg

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More effective and cheaper than a terracotta heater! 🔥
Do you struggle with low temperatures during the autumn and winter months? This high-quality petroleum heater can be used by all boat owners, campers, craftsmen or outdoor lovers and provides effective light and heat in no time. To significantly extend your last sailing trip, working time in the garage or even the camping season, the petroleum heater can be used for heating well-ventilated rooms.

Can be used for cooking even in a blackout
It's a good idea to have an alternative heating system as an emergency solution should your central heating malfunction or if it gets too cold in the winter months. This heater also features a small cooking option, with which you can easily boil water, cook rice, noodles or other food while heating up a room at the same time!

Room temperature
Only heat well ventilated areas with a petroleum heater such as this. The tank radiates heat up to 100 degrees Celsius at the upper outlet. During longer operation, you can expect a radiant heat of 19 to 25 degrees. Make sure you keep garage doors open if using this petroleum heater there. If you are looking for petroleum heaters for boats that will be used in more closed spaces, ensure you measure the carbon monoxide content in the air and ventilate.

Economic heating
This petroleum heater consumes approx. 290 to 300 ml of special petroleum per hour. With one litre of special petroleum, the emergency heater provides radiant heat for a full 3 hours.

Features & burn time
With an approx. 5-litre fuel tank, the heater has an operating time of approx. 17 hours and features a large contact surface for extra stability. A carrying handle allows for easy transportation. The wick is made of fiberglass and is extremely durable. Replacement wicks for petroleum heaters, a replacement lid for petroleum heaters as well as fuel (5 L) are available separately.

Notes on use
Never fill the emergency heater to the maximum with fuel and do not use it up until the heater fails to avoid damage to the product. When using this petroleum heater for the first time, be careful not to light the wick immediately and burn it off. Wait approx. 30 minutes before using for the first time, so that the wick can soak up enough fuel and is not damaged.

Caution - carbon monoxide!
Be sure to read the instructions for this product before use. Only for use in ventilated rooms! The CO₂ content of a room increases rapidly when a petroleum heater is in operation. You should always ventilate the room above a value of 1,200 ppm. It only takes a short time to reach this value if you use the heater in a closed room. Be especially careful if using the heater when you are tired and make sure you switch it off before sleeping. Ventilation is essential when using this heater.


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100% real reviews
by MUDHAFAR A. Flag of Ireland 9/10/2021 Verified purchase
great deal
This company proved punctual and honest enough to impress me. I bought two heaters for the price of one on amazon( exactly the same ). We in UK and Ireland are suffering with very greedy retailers and are exploited.
Companies in Germany are more trustworthy and have more reliable products.
I am quite happy with this purchase and wish I have an access to more German companies to shop around and avoid the UK and Irish monopoly.
Thank you so much for excellent service.
veli-matti R.
by veli-matti R. Flag of Finland 2/27/2018 Verified purchase
Tehokas laadukkaan oloinen laite,suosittelen
Saku R.
by Saku R. Flag of Finland 11/2/2016 Verified purchase
Very fast delivery to FInland

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Technical question

User image of Jonathan R.
Jonathan R. asked
on Sep 23, 2018
Flag of English Does this kerosene heater have tip over protection?
User image of Andrzej F.
Andrzej F. answered
on Sep 24, 2018
Have no problem with this.......
User image of Lars M.
Lars M. answered
on Sep 25, 2018
No, it has not tip over protection. / Lars Sweden
User image of Rajib Kumar N.
Rajib Kumar N. asked
on Sep 21, 2020
Flag of English This kerosiini heater possible to use by Bensin or Petrol ? Because I want to use bensin(95) , if you can recommend then will be great to order . ( I have seen another website selling same thing but petrol can be used )
User image of Bill M.
Bill M. answered
on Sep 21, 2020
Good day. I think petrol would not be good as it is more flammable than kerosene. I don't know what bensin is. Hope I have been of help.
User image of Rajib Kumar N.
Rajib Kumar N. answered
on Sep 21, 2020
Hi , I have already ordered it , I have one more question , wick is included? If it’s include how long this wick may last ? If not included then I have to order now :( .
User image of Bill M.
Bill M. answered
on Sep 21, 2020
Comes with wick, just need fuel. Don't know how long the wick will last.

General question

User image of Hannu L.
Hannu L. asked
on Dec 24, 2018
Flag of English Does this generate light into surrounding area? If yes - can you see possibilities to reduce that with some extra part or modification? This because I'm seeking heater into hunting blind and any extra light is not good thing in there...
User image of Sven W.
Sven W. answered
on Dec 28, 2018
Dear Hannu, there is a little flame in the heater and so a little bit of light. It´s not possible to shields the heater, because it goes hot and need the free air. Your SVB-team.
User image of Declan M.
Declan M. asked
on May 29, 2021
Flag of English When do you think my order for the Kerosene heater will be delivered.
User image of Colin S.
Colin S. answered
on May 29, 2021
This heater set off our alarm in a huge room. 400ppm. We tested it again and levels went up very quickly. We should have sent it back but it just all seemed too difficult. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector.
User image of Serkan B.
Serkan B. asked
on Sep 9, 2022
Flag of English im thinking to purchase this item.I live in UK Does anyone know if i need to pay customs fee? thanks
User image of Cory V.
Cory V. answered
on Sep 9, 2022
Dear customer, please refer to my answer by email.
User image of Serkan B.
Serkan B. answered
on Sep 10, 2022
customs says under £135 is free but its heater so i was wondering if anyone has knowledge about this matter.