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GLOMEX Pandora NEO Satellite TV Antenna

GLOMEX Pandora NEO Satellite TV Antenna

Never miss your favourite TV shows or major sporting event again!

These units are factory reconditioned by the manufacturer with full warranty (two years). For more information, see the product description below.
GLOMEX Pandora NEO Satellite TV Antenna

The fully automatic, self-tracking Pandora NEO marine satellite TV antenna from Glomex makes this possible. The Glomex Pandora NEO has a 39 cm dish to provide excellent, uninterrupted viewing pleasure at all times on stormy seas, at anchor and in the harbour. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the satellite antenna is also ideally suitable for smaller vessels with limited space. With three pre-programmed satellites: ASTRA1, ASTRA2 and HOTBIRD.

Easy installation & wireless configuration
A single cable connects the control unit to the antenna, and also supplies the antenna with power. Featuring wireless compatibility, the Pandora NEO antenna can be quickly and easily configured using the new Glomex APP, so you can be relaxing and watching TV on board in no time!

GLOMEX Pandora NEO Satellite TV Antenna


Despite the compact dish diameter of 39cm, the Gloemx Pandora NEO satellite antenna boasts a relatively large reception range for standard definition (SD) channels.

glomex antenne astra1

ASTRA1 19.2°E

TOP 10 channels
Das Erste (German)
ZDF (German)
NDR (German)
3SAT (German)
RTL (German)
SAT.1 (German)
Pro 7 (German)
Kabel Eins Deutschland (German)
Eurosport 1 Deutschland (German)
Dmax Deutschland (German)

Complete ASTRA1 channel list
ASTRA1 Channel list online

glomex antenne astra2

ASTRA2 28.2°E

TOP 10 channels
Bbc News (English)
Bloomberg TV UK (English)
Cnn International Europe (English)
Comedy Central UK(English)
Discovery Channel UK (English)
Dmax UK (English)
Food Network UK (English)
Fox UK (English)
Mtv UK (English)
Nick Jr UK (English)

Complete ASTRA2 channel list
ASTRA2 Channel list online

glomex antenna hotbird

Eutelsat HOTBIRD 13°E

TOP 10 channels
EUROSPORT 2 (English)
CNBC Europe (English)
DW ENGLISH (English)
Rai1 (Italian)
Rai2 (Italian)
Rai3 (Italian)
France2 (French)
France3 (French)
France24 (French)

Vollständige HOTBIRD channel list
HOTBRID channel list online

Integrated GPS and Bluetooth

Glomex NEO satellite antennas have an integrated GPS antenna which provides accurate position data for location tracking. This is used to optimise the alignment of the antenna and ensures stable TV reception even while travelling.

In addition, Glomex NEO antennas feature Bluetooth, which allows you to conveniently set up and manage the antenna via your smartphone or tablet. You can also use this feature to keep your Glomex NEO Satellite Antenna up to date by downloading online firmware updates and transferring them to your NEO Antenna via the Glomex NEO APP.



The high-quality stepper motors in Glomex NEO satellite antennas ensure smooth operation and precise antenna alignment. Furthermore, noise level caused by dish movement during search and fixing on a satellite has been significantly reduced compared to previous models.

The integrated stepper motor torque is matched to the Glomex NEO satellite antennas, providing an ideal balance between necessary power, quiet running and energy efficiency. A further advantage of stepper motors is the excellent response time, which allows fast and precise movements of the antenna to maintain perfect lock on the selected satellite.


GLOMEX Satellite TV Antenna V8001N delivery contents
1) V8001N Satellite Antenna
2) Base rubber seal
3) Locking nut
4) 10 m long antenna connection cable
5) Frame for control unit
6) Control unit
7) 1.5 m long control unit connection cable

Technical data

Dish diameter 39 cm
Radome size 42 x 45 cm
Antenna weight 6.0 kg
Tracking rate 50°/sec.
Gain 33 db - 12 GHz
Power supply 12 V DC
Power consumption 1.5 A
Operating temperature -20 °C to +55 °C
Azimuth turn range Unlimited
Autoskew No

"SVB Certified": Guaranteed SVB quality!
Before we put a used device up for sale, we make sure that the unit has been completely refurbished in to 'like-new' condition. By doing this, we can always guarantee that the product meets SVB's high quality standards. All devices come with our one year warranty!

What does "refurbished" mean?
"Refurbished" describes the quality-assured overhaul and repair of a particular product.

SVB certified refurbished products are all subjected to stringent overhaul procedures by the manufacturer before being resold. All devices must then complete the same rigorous inspection process as brand new units.
Each product comes as follows:
  • Fully tested
  • Refurbished with new factory original parts
  • Thoroughly cleaned and checked
  • Completely repackaged
  • Subjected to final quality testing standards, which correspond to stringent commercial product regulations

What can I expected when I purchase an SVB certified refurbished product?
  • Significant savings
  • A fully functional device with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee
  • The assurance that the device meets SVB's high quality standards

The stock of refurbished products is always very limited and the demand is very high. Therefore we recommend not to hesitate and to act immediately. Unfortunately we can not make reservations and repeat orders are not always possible!


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