MASS COMBI ULTRA Charger / Inverter 24 V / 3500 W / 100 A

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€3,126.01 This is a NET-price excluding German VAT. Shipments to countries outside of the EU may be subject to import duties and taxes.
Available variants:
Item no.
Model no.
MASTERVOLT - MassCombi ULTRA 24/3500-100 (230V)
Device type
Charger/inverter combined
Charging Current
100 A
Charging outputs
Battery nominal voltage
24 V
Network AC voltage
184 - 275 V
Battery type
Lead/Acid, AGM, GEL
Battery Capacity
200 - 600 Ah
Continous Power
3500 W
Temperature sensor can be connected
Power Lead
Integrated fan
Integrated charging cable
Optional remote display/operation
31.8 cm
47.2 cm
17.8 cm
15.3 kg
24 V
230 V
AC connection
Peak power
7000 W

Product details

The MASS COMBI ULTRA represents the most advanced technology (V6 radio frequency technology) in a compact package. This new technology combines sine wave inverter and battery IUOU charger in one housing. Due to the space-saving design and easy installation, the devices are ideal for use on yachts and motorhomes. Each component has been designed for safe and continuous operation, from electronics to connection technology, from the cooling system to the design. The devices are equipped with a built-in master switch (switching between shore and shipboard power supply). In addition to the supply via a shore connection, a generator connection and an integrated solar controller (500Wp) are also available. With the unique power support mode, the Mastervolt COMBI ULTRA is able to supply an additional 230 volts from the on-board batteries in case of insufficiently fused shore connections.

The built-in charger is equipped with an extra 10 A output for charging the starter battery, Charge characteristic IUoUo, adjustable for lead acid / gel / AGM etc. batteries.

Furthermore, these devices come with an integrated MasterBus interface, which allows a simple "plug & play" installation. As a member of the "MasterBus family", MASS COMBI ULTRAS can be operated and monitored by means of Mastershunt and MasterView Easy.

Quiet operation
The Combi Ultra can provide up to 50 % of the charging current or inverter capacity without fan cooling. This is perfect for night-time operation; if little power is consumed, the fan stops turning and goes silent. When maximum capacity is required, or the ambient temperature is very high, the Active Optima Cooling concept regulates the fan speed in a linear way, ensuring that it never spins too fast or makes any unnecessary ticking noises.

Exceptional performance
The inverter is quiet, clean and efficient, and offers the full capacity even in extreme ambient temperatures. Pure sine wave energy and a peak capacity of 200 % guarantee a problem-free start, even for the heaviest loads.

Optimal battery use
The powerful battery charger simultaneously charges two battery banks and provides a full charge current in ambient temperatures up to 40 °C. Meticulous load properties and a low ripple current guarantee a long battery life. The 24 V model can combine 12 V and 24 V battery banks.

Technical specifications

Nominal DC voltage 24V (9.5-16V)
Output voltage adjustable 180-260 V.
Output frequency 50/60 Hz (± 0.005%), configurable
Output waveform true sine, total harmonic distortion <1% under standard conditions
Continuous power at 40°C / 104°F, cos phi 1 3500 W
Max. peak load 7000W
Max. efficiency ≥ 92%
Max. ripple on DC (battery at full load) <5%
No-load power consumption on DC (ON/inverter OFF/ OFF/energy-saving) 16 W / 4 W / 0 W / 7 W
Parallel connection yes, up to 10
3-phase configuration yes, up to 3x3
Synchronize with mains/generator yes
Input voltage range 184-275 V
Max. input current 16 A
Max. charge current at 40°C / 104°F 100 A at 28.5 V, adjustable
Output voltage of the second charger 12V
Output current of the second charger 10 A
Temperature sensor battery yes, included
Battery voltage sense through MasterShunt, otherwise automatic compensation
AC input 1 50 A (generator only, switched)
AC input 2 30 A (mains only, switched)
AC output 1 67 a
AC output 2 50 A (switched)
AC input fuse no
Transfer speed seamless (<1 ms)
Transfer voltage range 184-275 V, adjustable
Transfer frequency range 35-68 Hz, adjustable
Input voltage range 25-50 v
Max. PV peak power 500 Wp
Max. input current 19 A
Max. charge current 15 A at 28.5 V
MPP tracker full power at 35-80V
Display/read-out LED display
Dimensions, HxWxD 472 x 318 x 178 mm
Weight 15.3 kg
Approvals CE, ABYC
Charge characteristic 3-step + (IUoUo, fully automatic)
Battery types AGM / gel / MLI / flooded / traction / spiral
Recommended battery capacity ~ 200-600 Ah (based on gel batteries, other models may vary)
Ground relay yes, configurable
Temperature range (ambient temp.) -25°C to 60°C, derating > 40°C
Protection degree IP23 (vertical mounting)

Safety class
IEC protection class I
Humidity protection conformal coating, max. 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Protections over temperature, overload, short circuit, high/low battery voltage
Cooling maintenance free vario fans
Power Assist yes
MasterBus compatibility yes


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