Analogue NMEA2000 Converter NKC42

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€75.59 This is a NET-price excluding German VAT. Shipments to countries outside of the EU may be subject to import duties and taxes.
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KUS - Analogue NMEA2000 converter NKC42

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The NKC42 converter converts analogue sensor data into NMEA2000 data. Can be used for: motor data, tank levels, pressure or temperature data from existing sensors into NMEA2000 networks. There is no power supply required, as the converter feeds from the power supply within the existing network.

The suitable voltage is 9 - 16 volts DC. Waterproof: IP67. Operating temperature: -30° C to +80° C.

You can connect up to four analogue sensors per converter.

​Compatible sensor parameters can be found in the manual in PDF format.
Sensor type Input signal
Black water sensor 0 (empty) - 190 (full) ohms
Black water sensor 240 (empty) - 33 (full) ohms
Fuel sensor 0 (empty) - 190 (full) ohms
Fuel sensor 240 (empty) - 33 (full) ohms
Freshwater sensor 0 (empty) - 190 (full) ohms
Freshwater sensor 240 (empty) - 33 (full) ohms
Oil pressure sensor 0-5 bar 10 - 185 ohms
Oil pressure sensor 0-10 bar 10 - 185 ohms
Engine temperature sensor 301 - 23 ohms
Engine oil temperature sensor 362 - 20 ohms


en-flag Manual
PDF, 2,05 MB

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Rico B.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Price-performance ratio top
I use the converter for my tank sensor (fuel) to display the level in the chart plotter. I didn't need to change any of the basic settings as I only added a tank sensor (240-33 ohms) to the network. And this encoder worked exactly as the converter is set in the basic setting on channel 1 (red cable). At first I had problems because the plotter only showed changes in level of about 8%. After consulting the company SVB (I think Mr. Claasen) it was assured that it is not because of the NKC42. On the plotter, it only shows what it is being delivered. So I bought a potentiometer from Conrad (0-250 Ohm). And connected the potentiometer on a trial basis. The NKC42 then indicates the level change in 1% steps in a reproducible manner. So it was clear to me that the NKC42 was working properly. In the current season I was able to determine that my tank sensor in the lower range (up to 41.0%) shows the level changes in 8% to 9% steps. And from 41% only in 12% - 15% steps. A German instruction manual would contribute significantly to the improvement. My tip to the company SVB --- Translate the instructions, that saves a lot of queries. And I would also spend 10 to 20 euros more if the display were alphanumeric and not the 7 segment display. I think that the parameterization would be much easier. Therefore only 4 stars.
Markus S.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Great for engine monitoring
Use it to monitor oil pressure, temperature and cooling water temperature on the plotter.
Gerulf T.
Flag of Austria Verified purchase
Kann nichts
So within 2 days I did not manage to display a single instrument from the manufacturer's possible selection on the MFD. I assume that it is NOT ME, so far I have had no problems with KUS donors, programming and networks. The description leaves more questions open than it contributes to the solution. I would also have been amazed that a device for EUR 90.- can do almost as much as a device for EUR 400.-! Go back to SVB!
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Question about delivery contents

User image of Nikola L.
Nikola L. asked
on Aug 6, 2020
Flag of English What would be the cost of sending to Serbia?
User image of Cory V.
Cory V. answered
on Sep 23, 2020
Dear customer, please contact info@svb24.com for an offer. Thanks.

Technical question

User image of Stuart A.
Stuart A. asked
on Feb 28, 2019
Flag of English I intend to connect two fuel tanks and show them on my Raymarine screen. How do I differentiate/tell the two tanks on the NKC42.
User image of Sven W.
Sven W. answered
on May 6, 2019
Dear Stuart, you will need a NMEA2000 starter-kit -85422- for new Cartplotter. Because you need a network to transfer the data. By this link, is a NMEA2000 Tutorial, too. Your SVB-team.
User image of Apo A.
Apo A. asked
on Mar 21, 2020
Flag of English Hello, Is it a plug n play installation or do I need the extra KUS Programming Tool? Many thanks
User image of Arne C.
Arne C. answered
on Mar 23, 2020
Hi Apo, you do not need extra programming tool for it. The programming you do in the adapter itself -> see manual above in section documents
User image of Svend C.
Svend C. asked
on Jul 19, 2020
Flag of English I want to monitor both engines oilpressure by use of channel 1 and 2. I choose product type 06 (Channel 1) and 16 (Channel 2) Q1: What parameter should I use in "Instance" for channel 1 (06) and which parameter for Channel 2 (16) Q2: I can't program signal type (10-180 Ohm) for any of the channels. Is that normal? (I think it comes automatically when I choose product type?)
User image of Arne C.
Arne C. answered
on Jul 20, 2020
Hi Svend, The signal type is indeed pregiven. Preferably you set portboardsensor to instance 00 and starboard to 01. So it also will visualized in MFD in right direction from left to right
User image of Svend C.
Svend C. answered
on Jul 30, 2020
I have installed the NKC converter but the Raymarine Axiom 7 MDF can not see the unit. It write "unknown unit" and will not show any values ? I have checked the NMEA 2000 network and all seems in order. Can You help with some tips?
User image of Robert H.
Robert H. asked
on Mar 14, 2021
Flag of English Are the analogue gauges still working when the nkc42 is installed, thanks
User image of Stuart C.
Stuart C. answered
on Mar 15, 2021
Top answer
Hello Mine are installed in parallel and work OK. However, my Shipmodul sees the kus unit ok, translates the nmea2000 to nmea183 ok but as yet I have not found a way to visualise the signal
User image of Robert H.
Robert H. answered
on Mar 15, 2021
Thanks stuart for the reply, I intend to install it into the raymarine backbone and from the axiom pro to my Lorenz via nmea0183, hopefully I will be able to get visual info on all of the plotters then. Will let you know if the 0183 pathway works, rob