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Item no.
Model no.
Evaporator Type
max. Vol.
80 l
Ø Power cons.
0.6 / 2.7 A
9 kg
Dim. Evaporator (LxWxH)
350 x 250 mm
Compressor Type

Product details

For the solution of individual problems cooling ISOTHERM provides the ideal solution. The thermostatically controlled Classic cooling system cools with the help of an air-cooled Danfoss compressor, an evaporator, which is installed in your refrigerator or in your deep freezer. There are two sizes of compressors available, and the cooling evaporators are available in different versions. The O-evaporator can be used as a freezer, but need some more space. The L- and flat evaporators can be adapted to the box by bending. These evaporators require less space and provide a more uniform temperature distribution in the cooler, but they have no freezer.
The evaporators can be installed in any position and are equipped with 2 m long pipes and quick connection. These couplings allow for the installation and replacement of parts, the separation of the evaporator and the aggregate without loosing coolant. A further increase in service-friendliness! They only require mounting holes of 30 mm in the refrigerator wall.
The temperature (up to +2°C) is adjusted via the included standard thermostat with an ON-OFF switch. A mounting bracket with click-on lock for time-saving installation is included (applies for Classic version). All air-cooled versions are equipped with a cooling and ventilation fan.
Type Max. capacity (l) Evaporator dimensions
W x H x D (mm)
Compressor dimensions
W x H x D (mm)
Weight (kg) Danfoss/Secop compressor type Temp. range*
Kühlschrank Gefrierschrank
GE 80 80 26 350 x 250 280 x 160 x 175 9 BD35F Fridge/Freezer**
GE 150 150 50 386 x 361 280 x 160 x 175 9 BD35F
2001 125 41 240 x 85 x 210 280 x 160 x 175 9 BD35F
2301 150 50 320 x 100 x 230 280 x 160 x 175 9 BD35F
2501 200 66 380 x 140 x 270 330 x 160 x 175 9 BD50F
2005 60 20 350 x 130 280 x 160 x 175 9 BD35F
2007 100 33 250 x 110 x 350 280 x 160 x 175 9 BD35F
2010 125 41 400 x 170 x 210 280 x 160 x 175 9 BD35F
2012 170 56 815 x 210 330 x 160 x 175 11 BD50F Dual
2016 200 66 1200 x 190 330 x 160 x 175 12 BD50F Dual
2017 260 86 1000 x 270 330 x 160 x 175 12 BD50F Dual
2013 400 133 1370 x 300 330 x 160 x 175 12 BD50F Dual
* Temp. range: from +2 °C to -18 °C. ATTENTION: Different item number for refrigerated or freezer version. Reserve technical changes. "Dual" can be operated with a special thermostat for both cooling and freezing (-12 ° C).
** Separate item numbers for refrigerator and freezer versions.


multi-flag Manual
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Petri N.
by Petri N. Flag of Finland 6/27/2023 Verified purchase Variant: 44507
Good for careful DIY person!
Read the instructions carefully before disassembling the old unit. After disassembling the old unit, you will know enough to install the new unit.
Morten B.
by Morten B. Flag of Denmark 4/19/2023 Verified purchase Variant: 44508
Easy to install
Replacing the cooling compressor in a small boat seemed like a difficult and expensive task, but it turned out to be much easier than I thought. The Isotherm kit contains everything needed and there are good installation instructions.
Damir M.
by Damir M. Flag of Croatia 10/6/2021 Verified purchase Variant: 44508
Good product and great customer service.

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Question about delivery contents

User image of Albert S.
Albert S. asked
on Nov 18, 2022
Flag of English Hello, What is included in this article ISOTHERM Compact Classic Cooling System (44506) Compressor? Thermostat? Evaporator? Thank you
User image of Sven W.
Sven W. answered
on Jan 10, 2023
Dear Albrecht, in this Cooling Systems, are Compressor, Evaporator and Thermostat included. Your SVB-team.
User image of IRENA P.
IRENA P. asked
on Apr 27, 2023
Flag of English Good day , does the delivery also include mounting the compressor on the side wall? Thank you 2001 BD35F
No answers yet. Be the first to answer this question!

Technical question

User image of Marko P.
Marko P. asked
on Apr 19, 2022
Flag of English I have bought this fridge/freezer CC 2007, model nr 42007BA100000. Small-L 100l. I thought that it should be both fridge and freezer but now when i oppened the box it's written on the compressor that its only fridge. But its not possible to choose a freezer for small-L 100l. Or is it possible to change the compressor now so that is a freezer?
User image of Sven W.
Sven W. answered
on Jan 10, 2023
Dear Marko, there are bullet points in the end of the product details. So there are different article numbers for the cooling systems how are able to use as a freezer, because you need a special thermostat. Please contact us directly, MAYBE there is a chance to help you: // Your SVB-team.
User image of Robert I.
Robert I. asked
on Jun 14, 2023
Flag of English I need a fridge/freezer compressor, but my fridge and freezer are in 2 separate department next to each other, but with completely separate access doors. The existing evaporators are good. I need advice on which compressor would be suitable for me, is it the dual that I need? Currently it is cooling the freezer first, than after it's starts to cool the fridge. The fridge is approximately 120 liter, the freezer is about 40liter. My old compressor is no longer in working condition. Thank you
User image of Sven W.
Sven W. answered
on Jun 16, 2023
Hello Robert, this area is for our customers so that they can exchange ideas. If you would like an offer and advice, please send us an email to our: // Yours SVB-team.
User image of Robert I.
Robert I. answered
on Jun 16, 2023
I am a customer, and wanted advise before buying the right size compressor. I sent an email, received an answer that I should ask a plumbing contractor. So what now?

General question

User image of Robert L.
Robert L. asked
on Aug 8, 2023
Flag of English Hello - I am interested in buying CC2001 unit - I am VAT registered in Poland and would like to but the equipment as a company - what is going to be the price exc. VAT?
User image of Sven W.
Sven W. answered
on Aug 10, 2023
Hello Robert, please contact us by our with your firm adress. You will get a non binding offer. Yours SVB-team.