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HONDA - Outboarder BF2.3SCHU
Type of Drive
Start Mode
Steering Type
2,3 PS
13,5 kg
Shaft Height
Short shaft
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The Honda BF 2.3 has a (1.1 l) built in tank, carrying handle and one-handed operation through its hand throttle helm with centifugal clutch. Cubic capacity: 57 cm³, power: 2.3 HP (1.7 kW). Switch: V-N 360°. Weight approx. 13.5 kg. Available in short or long shaft versions. The ideal engine for small tenders and dinghies.
Good things come in small packages
Although this engine is small, it can supply a dinghy or tender with enough power to bring it around coastal areas with ease. This engine is lightweight, posseses an ergonomic handle and it can easily be stored in the trunk of your vehicle.
Trim and Tilt Setting
Empty weight
Fun made easy
Place the Hona motor in the boot of your vehicle and off you go! It doesn't get any easier than that! You will be surprised how much fun you can have with motors as small as this one. Once in the water, they are very quiet in contrast to two-stroke motors. In addition, you do not need to worry about having to mix oil and petrol together. If you go up on a lake, a river or for a cruise along the coast, you can be assured that you will not pollute the waterways. Have fun, the clean way!
Small and powerful
This outboarder has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with overhead valves. They can be started manually easily, due to the motor being able to rotate freely on the first pull of the throttle.
The engine is equipped with the latest technology, so that it allows cold starting. The air-cooled BF 2.3 also offers excellent maneuverability. Thanks to an integrated, space-saving fuel tank, it can be easily stored and transported anywhere.
The motor provides a high degree of performance for small boats. If necessary, the engine can provide a high amount of torque to move even heavier boats. It is easy to operate, easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Add this all to Honda's well-known reliability, outstanding fuel efficiency and low emissions as well. This provides you with everything to get started on the water immediately.
This lightweight outboard motor is manually tilted, in order to avoid propeller damage in shallow water or on the beach.
Numerous functions
This motor is not just easy to transport, it's also very easy to operate and provides the user with numerous functions.
Turn the throttle and go: A centrifugal clutch allows you to idle without the propeller rotating. If you want to drive ahead, turn the throttle, which activates the clutch and turns the propeller. This is similar to an automatic transmission.
Further on: For a small boat, it is important to remain agile and able to quickly change direction. The small BF 2.3 can pivot quickly, making it suitable for fast direction changes without switching. Turn the engine by 180 °, and the boat is in reverse. For this reason, you are able to maneuver precisely in a narrow harbor.
Pay attention to your propeller: After securely attaching it to the boat, you will notice that the engine is very lightweight and easy to lift out of the water. This will greatly reduce the risk of propeller damage caused by stones or embankments. When you can safely drive forward again, simply lock it back into place.
Easy to transport: The BF2.3 is incredibly light and easy to transport. Weighing less than 30 pounds, it's the ideal engine for dinghys, car-toppers and other types of small boats.

Compact design
The stunning finish of Honda's Aquamarine Silver can be seen and admired from afar. Even after long periods of usage, this engine looks fantastic. Its compact design extends to its transmission housing as well. It is not just its sleek appearance, but also the reduced water resistance, which will save you money.

Hand-throttle tiller
The ergonomic hand-throttle tiller feels soft in the hand and has a clamping device for fixing it into position. This allows the user to be able to relax and focus on steering.

Fights the elements A patented, "Double Sealed" multi-layered paint process, sacrificial anodes, stainless steel technology, and waterproof connectors enhance corrosion protection.

Power in harmony with nature
For a worry-free day on the water, one must maintain a clear conscience. There is no excuse for the pollution of our oceans and waterways. Soichiro Honda had the simple idea to make outboard motors cleaner, quieter and gentler on aquatic organisms.

Technical data:

  • Motor OHV - 1 cylinder
  • Valves: 2
  • Cubic capacity: 57 cm³
  • Bore: 45 x 36 mm
  • Max. RPM: 5,000-6,000 RPM
  • Power: 1.7 kW / 2.3 HP
  • Cooling: Fan cooling
  • Fuel supply: 1 carburator
  • Ignition: Transistor magnet
  • Transmission: 2.42
  • Trim- und Tilt-Setting: Manual in 4 levels
  • Length: 410 mm
  • Width: 280 mm
  • Height: 945 mm
  • Transom height: 418 mm
  • Empty weight: 13.5 kg


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Conforme à mes attentes
Satisfait ! surpris par le refroidissement à air et c'est un point positive. La pompe à eau ne s'engorgera pas de sable en petit fond. Néanmoins, le voyant mini et maxi pour l'huile sont difficilement lisibles pour mes yeux de 59 ans.
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This rating belongs to item no. 38532

Bestellung, Lieferung wie immer bestens
Wie gut der Motor und wie zuverlässig dieser ist, kann ich erst sagen wenn ich ihn im Einsatz hatte.
Dank Corona kann das noch etwas dauern.
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This rating belongs to item no. 38532

délais de livraison très court. traitement de la commande sans faille.
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This rating belongs to item no. 38532

Moteur bruyant
Le moteur est refroidit par air, très bruyant..... Sinon fonctionne bien et puissant pour un 2.3cv
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This rating belongs to item no. 38532

Grande efficacité dans lexpedition en Martinique, une petite dizaine de jours.
C.est une valeur sûre, refroidissement à air...
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This rating belongs to item no. 38532

La promotion dont nous a fait bénéficier SVB est une excellente affaire.
Le moteur, parfaitement emballé, arrivé dans le délai annoncé, est un matériel dont de nombreux revendeurs nous ont vanté les qualités (Grand Pavois 2017).
Je recherchais un moteur d'annexe de voilier le plus léger possible (mise en place plus facile sur mer houleuse). Parfait, il se porte d'une seule main.
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This rating belongs to item no. 38532

oltre al motore un grande sub
prodotto ottimo di qualità modello tra i più recenti, ottima la spedizione e il servizio sia di ups che di svb .tutto positivo niente negativo. Consigliato, veramente tutto ottimo .Complimenti a tutti.Un particolare ringraziamento al Servizio Clienti sempre in grado di soddisfare le esigenze della Clientela. Grazie
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