Dispatch & delivery

Dispatch & delivery

Fast, faster, SVB! Optimised logistic processes, modern technologies and a well-trained team guarantee a speedy delivery.

Delivery costs at a glance

Type In Germany To EU countries* Worldwide
Mailing SVB vouchers €1.00 €1.00 On request
DHL Standard packages   < 31kg, < 120 cm €6.95 €8.95 €24.95***
UPS Express deliveries €19.95 On request On request
Recorded delivery fee +€3.50 / /
Freight shippings   <70kg, <270cm €39.95** €49.95** On request**
Pyrotechnic items e.g. flares €29.95 Not possible Not possible

* Except for Greece, Croatia, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, EU Islands, and other special administrative areas.
** Freight shipments to Grece, Croatia, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, EU Islands, areas outside of the EU, and other special administrative areas calculated on request.
*** Only available for selected countries.
Please contact us for a quote for general inquiries or if your shipping costs are not displayed in our webshop checkout. If you order multiple itemms and one of them is a bulky item in terms of weight and/or size, or a special item, additional shipping costs apply to the entire order, as shown in the table.

Tracking - Where is your package?

Keep track of your order. With easy-to-use DHL and UPS tracking you can see exactly where your package is at any moment. Track status easily online. When your order has gone through you will receive an email with your DHL or UPS tracking number.
Attention: Your tracking number is only available after DHL or UPS has taken delivery of your parcel.

DHL shipment tracking

Tracking UPS

Product questions

Fast delivery to all ports in the world

For us to be able to guarantee you the fastest possible delivery with no delay, we need a specific delivery address (name of the recipient, local phone number, name of the port and/or ship, street, house number, town and country).

Standard packages

Packages up to 31 kg and a max. length of 1.20 m are delivered by DHL/UPS for a flat-rate fee of €8.95 within most mainland EU countries (exceptions are listed under the table above). Shipping costs for deliveries to these destinations are charged on demand. The maximum permissible length of standard packages is 120 x 60 x 60 cm (cube). Items that are marked as bulky goods/freight/hazardous are charged separately.


Please note that there is a flat packaging charge of €30.00 for wood and plexiglass panels. The flat rate shipping fee for cuttings is €40.00.

Shipping info symbol:

Freight Shipments within Germany

Bulky items weighing 31kg - 70kg or more, or over 2.70m, as well as batteries, some toilets, cookers and other easily breakable items are delivered by freight forwarding companies. These items are marked with a corresponding shipping label next to the information about the product / in the shopping cart. We charge a flat rate for all forwarding shipments within Germany, which is displayed in the shopping cart or during the ordering process.

Shipping info symbol:

Shipping costs on request: Some items are required to have shipping costs calculated separately due to size or weight of the item. We always offer the cheapest shipping price for your delivery location directly after receiving your order. Goods will not be shipped until you have agreed to the quoted shipping costs.

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Freight shipments within the EU

The shipping costs for freight shipments weighing between 31 kg and 70 kg and marked with the corresponding symbol is €49.95for most mainland EU countries unless they are listed as excluded under the table above. Shipping costs for all EU countries and islands not listed there and for any countries outside of the EU must be calculated separately. Please contact us for the costs.

Shipping costs on request: Some items are required to have shipping costs calculated separately due to size or weight of the item. We always offer the cheapest shipping price for your delivery location directly after receiving your order. Goods will not be shipped until you have agreed to the quoted shipping costs.

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Pyrotechnic items

The shipment of dangerous goods, such as pyrotechnical items, are only sold to people over 18 years old and only shipped directly to the purchaser of the goods with a German delivery address. It is not possible to ship to other countries!

Shipping info symbol:

Battery deposit

According to the law, we are obliged to charge a deposit of €7.50 on the purchase of a starter or consumer battery. Reimbursement will be made upon return in our house or against proof of disposal.

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DHL World Package Premium Service

Ahoy there overseas customers! SVB offers you convenient and inexpensive worldwide shipping with our DHL World Package Premium Service for select NON-EU shipments to the countries listed below. You will also get a tracking number from us, but this can be somewhat less accurate than tracking within Germany and the EU. But you can be sure - your package will arrive! The rate of €24.95 (standard packages < 31 kg < 120cm) applies only to the countries listed below, all other shipping costs must be confirmed by our customer service team on request.

Price Estimated delivery time
Aruba 24,95 netto 2 weeks
Faroe Islands 24.95 net 2 weeks
Greenland 24.95 net 1 weeks
Norway 24.95 net 4-5 days
Caiman Islands 24.95 net 2-3 weeks
Martinique 24.95 net 4-5 weeks
New Caledonia 24.95 net 4-5 weeks
Réunion 24.95 net 3-4 weeks
Valais & Futuna 24.95 net 3-4 weeks
French Guyana 24.95 net 3-4 weeks
Mayotte 24.95 net 3-4 weeks
Guadeloupe 24.95 net 3-4 weeks
Andorra 24.95 net 5-7 days
Saint Pierre & Miquelon 24.95 net 3-4 weeks
Saint Martin 24.95 net 3-4 weeks
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Costs that are beyond SVB's control

The SVB team will gladly accept orders from all over the world and ship them to remote locations and ports when we receive a clear delivery address from you. This means that, for example, circumnavigators can also access our services and most of our products outside the EU. However, when using this service, we would like to point out that customs duties, taxes, import fees, storage fees, exchange rates, currency differences or other costs may arise over which SVB has no control and we cannot estimate or determine these beforehand - these costs are always the responsibility of the recipient and must be paid by him or her.

Customs clearance

Customs authorities may open and inspect parcels. We have no influence over this. For more information on costs, customs clearance times, etc., please contact your local customs authorities. The customs authorities of some countries require special proof of identification from the importer / consignee of goods before a consignment is released. As the importer / consignee of the goods, you may use an identification number, e.g. national identification number, CPF or tax number. SVB is not obliged to issue you or customs authorities with a supplier or long-term supplier declaration and / or an export declaration or to procure such from its own pre-suppliers. We recommend that you refrain from using an alternative delivery address for orders being shipped to non-EU countries.

International shipping: costs, transit times and delivery restrictions

The shipping costs to all countries outside the EU are individually requested by our SVB dispatch staff for each order from the respective forwarder and can vary greatly depending on weight, size and the country of destination. We would also like to point out that we have no influence on the duration of the delivery by forwarding and shipping companies and cannot guarantee the complete tracking of shipments. Please note that international shipping to certain countries is subject to delivery restrictions and not all items may be shipped to all countries. You are responsible for ensuring that products can be lawfully imported into the country of destination. When ordering from SVB, you as the recipient are the importer and must accordingly ensure that all laws and regulations of the country of destination are complied with. It may also be the case for air and sea freight deliveries that a "door-to-door" service is not included and you may need to pick up the goods at the respective airport or seaport. We will not carry any additional transportation costs. Please note that we may need to prepare an export declaration for deliveries to non-EU countries, which may delay the shipment by approximately 2 days.

Possible deviations from country-specific standards

Please note that for internationally shipped products, the manufacturer's warranty may not apply, the manufacturer's servicing options may not be available, instructions and safety warnings may not be written in the local language, the products (and accessories) may not be in accordance with the standards in force within the country of destination, specifications or labelling requirements may not be in compliance with local standards, and products may not be in compliance with the electrical voltage and other electrical standards within the country of destination.

Goods that we ship to Germany or other European countries are subject to German VAT. If these goods are then exported to NON-EU COUNTRIES a VAT refund by SVB is NOT possible § 7132 (3) UStG). Thank you for your understanding.

Fast global delivery by air/air freight

Shipping via air freight ensures that your delivery reaches you globally and on time. We recommend this shipping method, especially for deliveries to third countries to avoid long delivery times due to customs clearance. Please contact our customer service team for more information about shipping costs.

Returns and replacements

Return costs are to be paid by the recipient of the goods. The above conditions also apply to any replacement items that we ship at our discretion if the original shipment was not correct. If you return an item to us, you are the exporter from the country of destination. The legal claim and the risk of loss is transferred to us as soon as the goods arrive at our logistics centre. In the case of a replacement, you can ask the respective customs office if it is possible to remit the import charges, but we cannot guarantee this.


As a business client, a VAT ID (value added tax identification number) is necessary for any orders shipped to areas outside of Germany within Europe. Orders shipped to countries outside the EU will not be charged European VAT. However, please note that these orders may be subject to the respective country-specific taxes and customs duties and may have to be paid in the destination country. Regarding postal services, you as the customer are the importer and are obliged to pay the amounts due for them. These can be collected, for example, by the local post office at the time of delivery. Please check with your national customs authorities for the applicable tax rate.

EU member state Name in the national language Abbreviation
Belgium (BE) le numéro d’identification à la taxe sur la valeur ajoutée BTW - identificatienummer No.TVA BTW-Nr.
Bulgaria (BG) Dank dobawena stoinost DDS = ДДC
Denmark (DK) momsregistreringsnummer SE-Nr.
Germany (DE) Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer USt-IdNr.
Estonia (EE) Käibemaksukohustuslase registreeri-misnumber KMKR-number
Finland (FI) Arvonlisâverorekisterointi-numero ALV-NRO
France (FR) le numéro d’identification à la taxe sur la valeur ajoutée ---
Greece (EL) Arithmos Forologikou Mitroou FPA A.Φ.M.
Ireland (IE) value added tax identification number VAT No
Italy (IT) il numero di registrazione IVA P.IVA
Croatia (HR) --- ---
Latvia (LV) pievienotasvertibas nodokla registrijas numurs PVN registrijas numurs
Lithuania (LT) Pridetines vertes mo-kescio moketojo kodas PVN moketojo kodas
Luxembourg (LU) le numéro d’identification à la taxe sur la valeur ajoutée ---
Malta (MT) value added tax identification number VAT No
Netherlands (NL) BTW-identificatienummer OB-Nummer
Austria (AT) Umsatzsteueridentifikationsnummer UID-Nr.
Poland (PL) Numer identyfikacji podatkowej NIP
Portugal (PT) o número de identificacao para efeitos do imposto sobre o valor acrescentado NIPC
Romania (RO) cod de înregistrare în scopuri de TVA TVA
Sweden (SE) Registreringsnummer för mervärdesskatt (Momsnum-mer) MomsNr.
Slovakia (SK) Identifikačné číslo pre daň z pridanej hodnoty IC DPH
Slovenia (SI) davcna stevilka DDV
Spain (ES) el número de identificación a efectos del Impuesto sobre el Valor Anadido N.IVA
TCzech Republic (CZ) danove identifikacni cislo DIC
Hungary (HU) közösségi adószám ---
Cyprus (CY) Arithmos Egrafis FPA ---