Polyester, Dyneema
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Break. Strength
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4 mm
Break. Strength
660 daN
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6 mm
Break. Strength
1250 daN
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8 mm
Break. Strength
1900 daN
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10 mm
Break. Strength
3550 daN
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12 mm
Break. Strength
5550 daN
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14 mm
Break. Strength
7200 daN
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Product details

Power made-to-measure: Affordable universal rope with extremely high strength and durability. Its 12-strand braid core, made out of Dyneema® fibers ensures high breaking loads with minimum elongation, while the 24 or 32-braid, abrasion-resistant shell protects the core from damage. Also suitable for conventional fittings as well.
  • Intermediate cover made out of polyester staple fiber
  • Excellent performance in lever clamps
  • Attractive design
  • Universal rope for halyards, sheet ropes, downhalls and afterguys
  • Unbeatable price to performance ratio

The perfect Line

You can download the Gleistein Splicebook here (approx. 8 KB)

How is a heavy duty rope made of high-tech fibers spliced correctly? You will learn that, and much more in this Splicebook. This book's practical and illustrative diagrams will explain the ins out outs of all relevant splicing techniques.

Spleißbuch Gleistein

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Alefa T.
Flag of Greece Verified purchase 55585
As usual fast and curteous service and great selection make it a pleasure to buy from SVB !
Juhani N.
Flag of Finland Verified purchase 55585
A bit stiff on the winch in beginning but otherwise excellent product to handlle and in use
Steven H.
Flag of Norway Verified purchase 55586
Good quality product at competitive prices.
Good customer service and prompt shipping.
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Technical question

User image of Tue A.
Tue A. asked
on May 6, 2018
Flag of English Please explain how come that a 10mm RACE XP - Universal Lines has an breakload at 3200 daN (~325Kg) that soundsvery low? BR Tue
User image of Michael Ford F.
Michael Ford F. answered
on May 7, 2018
Hi, I would say the breakload is equal to 3200kg -
User image of Pal W.
Pal W. asked
on Feb 17, 2019
Flag of English Hello. Is the Race XP suitable for splicing? Eye-splice?
User image of Cory V.
Cory V. answered
on Jun 20, 2020
Dear customer, yes it can be spliced. Thanks.
User image of Kristoffer J.
Kristoffer J. answered
on May 12, 2021
Even this is an old question I think it is relevant to add (for new customers) that I have not been able to make an eye-splice in a 14 mm #55793# . The cover is very tight braided. I also removed the inner cover, but that didn't have any effect in penetrating the outer cover pulling in the splice. However, it seems like a very strong and high quality piece of rope and I look forward to use it as a sheet for my Genoa. All the best Kristoffer
User image of Martin G.
Martin G. asked
on May 11, 2021
Flag of English What grade of dyneema fiber is used for this rope SK78, 75, 38 ... ?
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User image of António B.
António B. asked
on Jun 24, 2021
Flag of English Hi! Could you tellme what to choose for the genoa and main sheet of an small 16 ft sailboat, the Gleistein RACE XP or the Gemini X sport, what are the diferences and wich the more confortable to the crew hands? Thank you so much! António Batel
User image of Janne P.
Janne P. answered
on Jun 24, 2021
No direct experience with smaller diameters which you will most likely use in your case, but hopefully the following helps you to make your decision: I have 10 mm Race XP and 10 mm Gemini X Sport side by side in my boat: Race XP used for single line reefs of the mainsail and Gemini X sport on the rodkicker tackle line. Obvious difference is the bigger stretch of Gemini X, but in my opinion the the Race XP is quite a bit more comfortable in hands. It is fairly stiff line (at least with 10mm), but the cover has a pleasant feel, friction and texture compared to Gemini X sport which I find more slippery and kind of "plastic".
User image of António B.
António B. answered
on Jun 24, 2021
Thank you so much for your answer. Looking at pictures i said the race xp Will have that look more plastic than the gemini. I am happy to find someone who have that two ropes and tive your opinion. I go for the 8mm for my sheets, Only afraid of Being too stiff. Thank you so much again.
User image of Stipan M.
Stipan M. asked
on Apr 22, 2022
Flag of English I cant find any info about elongation at Gleistein web site about the rope. I am interested about using the rope as railing on smaller sailboat and need to know its elongation properties.
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User image of Martin F.
Martin F. asked
on May 30, 2022
Flag of English What is the Stretch characteristics for this rope?
No answers yet. Be the first to answer this question!