FLYWEIGHT Solar Module Kit 80 W

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FLYWEIGHT PREMIUM Solar Module Kit 12 V / 80 W
Nominal Power @ 12 V
80 W
Open circuit voltage (Uoc)
21,6 V
Short circuit current (Isc)
4,9 A
max. Power Voltage (Ump)
17,6 V
max. Power Current (Imp)
4,5 A
88 cm
56 cm
10 mm
Construction type
Fabric back
Module connection
Rear side
Connector cable
Flat cable, 2-core
Screws, Loops

Product details

This foldable solar module with charge controller stands out amongst the rest with its high energy yield in the smallest of spaces. Its low weight of only 1.6 kg allows also for easy transport.

Folded up in the textile frame, this module is an inconspicuous companion, which is quickly ready for use. The textile module carrier features riveted eyelets, which can be used to fix the module in place, e.g.. with a rubber cord or ratline. Of course, the module can very easily be laid out. In addition, it has installation supports which are held on the module support by Velcro straps when not in use and with the help of which the module can also be aligned to low sunlight.
In an outer compartment of the textile module carrier, the module connections, the PHOCOS CMLup 10 solar controller with battery connection cable incl. flying fuse and alligator clips included in the delivery are pre-wired. Length of the battery connection cable incl. controller, fuse and terminals approx. 5 m. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras etc. can be supplied with power (max 800 mA) via the 5 V USB output of the controller.

Technical data
Voltage 12 V
Nominal output 80 W (2 x 40 W)
Current at max. output 4.5 A
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Frame Textile
Module cable 4.5 m / 2.5 mm²
Battery cable 0.5 m / 3 mm²
Unfolded dimensions 880 x 560 x 10 mm
Folded dimensions 440 x 560 x 20 mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Charge controller system voltage / max. solar power  12 V DC / 10 A
USB charge controller output 5 V DC / 800 mA
Certificate CE, RoHS

  • Although the PHOCOS MLPup controller is able to detect 12 or 24 volt battery systems, the module can only be used in 12 volt vehicle wiring due to the 17.6 volt Vmp output voltage.
  • The regulator is not splash-proof protected and must therefore be placed in a dry environment!
  • The USB output can only be used when a 12 V battery is connected.
  • For further technical data of the controller please refer to the operating instructions.
  • The instructions are given below as documents. Please observe the proper instructions of how to operate the controller!


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Technical question

User image of Artur A.
Artur A. asked
on Jan 25, 2020
Hi everybody! Is the FLYWEIGHT Solar Module Kit 80 W it waterproof and can be installed on the bimini for example? Many thanks for recommendations)
User image of W P.
W P. answered
on Jan 27, 2020
Top answer
Hi Artur, the FLYWEIGHT modules with textile underlay/bag and the connecting cables with plug connections are water resistant. Only the charge controller must be placed in a dry environment. As already mentioned above in the article description, FLYWEIGHT modules can be used in many different ways. Of course you can also put the Flyweights on the bimini or hang them on the railing and use the eyelets in the textile carrier for fastening, for example with shock cord (eg. 16255) or with sail ties (eg. 32510). For maximum yield you should make sure that the modules are not shaded and are optimally oriented towards the sun.
User image of Artur A.
Artur A. answered
on Feb 6, 2020
Hi W P. answered! Thank you! Tall my pls one moment again/ Is the PHOCOS MLPup controller MPPT or PGM type? Danke schön!!!

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Handliches Solarmodul
Sehr handliches Teil, unkompliziert an Batterie angeschlossen, gute Leistung!
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Price-to-performance ratio
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This rating belongs to item no. 22719

it works
Need just a small place and it works. Otherwise it seems not a very durable construction.
Its original price is surprisingly high.
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This rating belongs to item no. 22719

Ultraleicht mit gutem Wirkungsgrad
sehr leicht und handlich
guter Wirkungsgrad (64 W schon gemessen, max. 70W scheinen also realistisch)
auch bei bedecktem Himmel noch einsetzar (10-25W)
- nur mit PWM Laderegler zu erwerben (blöd, wenn man bereits MPP Laderegler hat)
- recht teuer (als Chili Sonderangebot war's OK)
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This rating belongs to item no. 22719

Positiv ist zu werten Leicht, flexibel und in einer handlichen Tasche zu verstauen. Man kan das Solarmodul ohne weiteres mir Gummistropps provisorisch z.B. auf dem Vordeck auch eines Kleinkreuzers fixieren. Die Ladeleistung entspricht bei einem ersten Test der Spezifikation, 3A werden bei Sonneneinstrahlung locker erreicht. Das reicht, um eine kleine Kompressorkühlbox permanent eingeschaltet zu lassen, ohne dass viel Batteriekapazität verlorengeht.
Das Preisleitungsverhältnis ist beim regulären Preis mittelprächtig, beim Chili-Sonderangebot gut.
Wenn das System den kommenden Seetörn übersteht, sind 4 Sterne angemessen. 5 Sterne, wenn das Kabel eine Zugentlastung an der Tasche hätte. Keine Ahnung, was passiert, wenn einer drüberstolpert, Wenn es ausreißt, dürfte das Modul irreparabel beschädigt sein.
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This rating belongs to item no. 22719

Compliqué de retirer le bon cavalier...
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Price-to-performance ratio
Customer service
Satisfaction with this product

This rating belongs to item no. 22719

Ce produit d'excellente qualité répond parfaitement à mes attentes. Très bon Deal
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