FELL MARINE WiMEA MOB+ Basepack / xHUB Boat-Unit with xFOB Wireless Kill Switch

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WiMEA MOB+ Basepack / xHUB boat unit incl. xFOB wireless kill switch

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WIMEA Wireless Kill Switch
Freedom at Sea

Simple and Robust

You'll be surprised how easy it is to operate your WIMEA kill switch. WIMEA is designed to control all functions with one click on the MOB unit. Unique ID technology with automatic frequency hopping and antenna diversity ensure stability.

  • Hold down the MOB Unit and Boat-Unit's buttons for 3 seconds to pair
  • Click the button on your MOB Unit to connect
  • Enjoy freedom on board - if you fall over board, the WIMEA will shut off the engine (within one second). Your crew can restart the engine after 6 seconds without having to intervene in the WiMEA MOB+ system.

WIMEA®8 Protocol

The WIMEA®8 protocol with revolutionary wireless technology is designed to guarantee you freedom and safety on board. To save lives and meet the high demands, only the best wireless technology has been used. For this reason, WIMEA has developed a "Wireless Marine Electronics Algorithm".

MOB Unit

The heart of the system! Measuring 28 mm x 44 mm and weighing only 10 g, it's small in size, yet very powerful. Wear the MOB Unit on your wrist with the optional xBAND wristband in the colour of your choice or also around your neck or on your lifejacket with the practical xTAG set; it’s up to you:

  • IP68 waterproof to a depth of 3 meters
  • Up to 300 hours battery-life
  • Easy to change standard CR2032 battery

Boat Unit

The WiMEA xHUB boat unit is installed in the console of your vessel and functions as a kill switch for your engine should you fall into the water, replacing traditional mechanical kill switches. The WiMEA protocol provides automatic connection, frequency switching, antenna switching and engine shutdown. Connection is broken only when you are out of range or fall into the water. If the boat operator falls into the water, another crew member on board can restart the engine within the next 6 seconds.

  • IP67 waterproof to a depth of 1 meter
  • IP67 5-pin connector
  • Light and sounds show the status of your MOB-unit

Delivery Contents

The WiMEA MOB+ Basepack system includes: a grey WiMEA xHUB boot unit and a red WiMEA xFOB wireless MOB unit incl. CR2032 battery button cell.

The WiMEA wireless safety switch can be connected directly to an existing safety switch on board (see instructions). You can use the WiMEA-xHUB switch even if you have not yet installed a kill switch on board. However, a motor kit from the manufacturer may be necessary, please refer to the installation instructions for more information. WiMEA can also be installed on boats with multiple engines. The wireless safety switch has been designed in such a way that it can be installed in a control console to save space. Note, however, that the xHUB boot unit must be connected directly to the wires of the motor. Reception may be reduced if your boat or the console where you want to install the WiMEA xHUB is made of metal.
Up to 4 xFOB - MOB units can be combined on one boat. The WiMEA protocol constantly updates the data exchange between the xFOB MOB unit and the xHUB boat unit. If you exceed 15 metres from the xHUB boat unit or fall into the water, your motor will be switched off. Your crew can restart the engine after 6 seconds without having to intervene in the WiMEA MOB+ system. The WiMEA protocol is a unique, proprietary protocol that can be compared to Bluetooth or WiFi. The signal does not interfere with any other signals or equipment on board. The protocol is assigned a unique ID, which means that the signal can always be identified and will not be confused with that of neighbouring boats.

Note: The wristband is not included and must be ordered separately.


xFOB - MOB Unit

Height: 11.5 mm (0.45 inches)

Width: 44 mm (1.74 inches)

Depth: 28 mm (1.11 inches)

Weight: 10 g (0.02 lbs)

Boat Unit

Diameter: 66 mm (2.598 inches)

Threading: 52 mm (2.04 inches)

Depth: 228 mm (8.98 inches)

Weight: 164 g (0.36 lb)


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Didier C.
by Didier C. Flag of France 10/10/2023 Verified purchase
Very useful...
...when you are alone on board
Rüdiger S.
by Rüdiger S. Flag of Germany 10/17/2016
Addendum to my first review 1) Sorry for the bad spelling. First read, then send !! 2) In the first year, the system has proved its worth. No malfunction, everything as it should. Especially good from my point of view If you as a boatman sometimes leaves the boat and does not think about the bracelet, the rest of the crew is suddenly standing there with the engine stopped (eg lock). Without further ado you can restart the engine directly in emergency mode without having to do anything. That's great!! 3) The silicone bracelet has been held without hesitation and is comfortable to wear. Nevertheless, it should be carefully put on and taken off. 4) Now the bracelets are also available separately, so "thumbs up" !!
Rüdiger S.
by Rüdiger S. Flag of Germany 5/1/2016
Funktioniert wie beschrieben, in grau nicht so auffällig
I installed the switch on the weekend. So far he is doing what he should. Still wait, how the continuous use is. The following comments I found it impractical that the antenna protrudes exactly to the rear. I then long searched for an antenna extension cable. Then I found it. you need a so-called SMA antenna cable. So I have the antenna positioned slightly off, so that it does not bother. Costs "in the bay" no 10 euros, from my point of view recommended. Range out of the fiberglass in my test over 10 meters! And when you get out of the car, the engine can be started immediately after 6 seconds !!! Not so good Let's see how long the bracelet will last. And that does not exist separately as a replacement.
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