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***This distress beacon must be programmed by us before delivery. We charge a programming fee for this service (item 90227). Please send the filled out programming data sheet back to us at:***

High-quality EPIRB in a compact and ergonomic design! With its integrated GPS, the EPIRB GlobalFix Pro quickly and accurately transmits your position data to a worldwide network of sea rescue operators. This assures effective and reliable assistance in the event of an emergency.
The auto-activating GPS, immediately detects your position and sends out a strong 406 MHz signal. This is accompanied by a flashing LED light to help locating.
It is worth noting that not only a coordinate signal, but also personal data is transmitted.
The GlobalFix PRO is small and robust with more than 53 years of life-saving technology, so you can rest assured that your EPIRB will work the moment you need it most.
Also features a GPS test mode, which allows you to make sure your GPS is working properly at all times. Delivery includes float-free wall mount.

Further features at a glance
  • Highly visible flashing LED
  • Integrated GPS (66-channel)
  • High efficiency
  • High quality lithium batteries
  • Professional, ergonomic and compact design

Technical specifications
Size (without antenna) 177 x 107 x 91 mm
Weight 581 g
Internal GPS Yes
Transmitting frequencies 406 MHz + 121.5 MHz
Waterproof standard 10 min at 10 m depth
Battery Class 2 lithium batteries
Replacement Replacement due six years from date of manufacture or after use
Material UV-resistant polymer with high impact resistance
Transmission time At least 48 hours
Operating temperature -20 to +55 ° C
Storage temperature -30 to +70 ° C


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User image of Ole Hein S.
Ole Hein S. asked
on Sep 16, 2019
Flag of English Can I buy a " float free" bracket/box for me ACR Global Fix V4 Epirb ( ACR Model RLB-41 CAT II ) All the best Ole
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Cory V. answered
on Sep 23, 2020
Dear customer, please contact us at: or give us a call. Thanks.