easyONE-M AIS Emergency Transponder

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The new easyONE-M is a small palm-sized AIS MOB device with manual activation.
Due to its small size, this unit is useful for all activities on the water, where automatic life jackets or even emergency transmitters are not practical. Never the less, an AIS MOB transponder will always prove to be very helpful in any emergency situation.
In case of a distress situation, the unit will be activated by pressing the ON button to trigger an official AIS emergency broadcast. Just pull off the transparent protection cover with the rope and press the "ON" button.
The easyONE-M unit is fixed to the body with a rope so that it will float in front of the MOB after activation. A strong and bright flashing LED will increase visability as well.
After activation the unit transmitts a full AIS MOB position report. This report contains additional information, such as: the current GPS position and course and speed over ground. Because the unit ID starts with "972", every AIS receiver within a range of up to 7 nautical miles (app. 12km) will receive this emergency message. This message will be displayed as the official AIS MOB symbol (red X with red circle) on chart plotters or screens.
Two LEDs display the unit's operational functionality, which is extreme helpful in distress situations.

Different activation - the rest stays the same
In comparison to the regular AIS MOB easyONE, this new unit only differs from the other by its means of activation.
Technical data:
  • Dimensions: 168x48x27 mm
  • Weight: 120 grams
  • Battery: 6V, 2 lithium cells, CR17345
  • Battery capacity: 24h at -20o C, 36h at 0o C
  • Battery lifespan: 7 years
  • Frequency: 161.975 and 162.025 MHz
  • Radiated power: 1W
  • GPS receiver: with integrated antenna corresponding with IEC 61108-1 standard
  • VHF antenna foldout, coiled in device per default
  • Display: 2 LEDs (GPS status and FLASH)
  • Controls: 2 buttons (TEST and ON)
  • Supported AIS messages in transmission-on mode
  • Msg.01 - AIS position report, device identification number, course over ground COG, speed over ground SOG
  • Msg.02 - Safety message, device identification number, text: "MOB active" in case of emergency ("ON"), text: "MOB TEST" in test mode ("TEST")
  • Operating temperature: -20o C to +55o C
  • Storage temperature: -40o C to +70o C
  • AIS MOB emergency transmitter
  • Full AIS MOB transmission (972...)
  • Each AIS system within range will be informed about victim's current GPS position, COG and SOG
  • Easy pull-off protection cap
  • Manual activation with one-button-touch
  • More than 1 watt radiated power
  • Transmission range of up to 7 nautical miles or more
  • More than 36 hours of battery life after activation
  • Strong and bright flashing LED for improved visability
  • Small and handy size
  • 100% floatable
  • No registration required
  • No VHF licence needed

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Jean-Michel A.
by Jean-Michel A. Flag of Belgium 6/23/2016 Verified purchase
La taille et forme arrondie sont des
Uli K.
by Uli K. Flag of Germany 12/9/2017
Testfunktion ohne Funktion Zerbrochen geliefert
Bei Lieferung durch SVB nach Italien war die Antennenklappe gleich zweifach massiv angebrochen.Kurze Zeit nach vorschriftsmäßiger Betätigung der Test-Taste wurde die Guardia Costiera nachts im strömenden Regen bei unserem Ankerplatz im Golf von La Spezia vorstellig, weil offenbar nicht übermittelt wurde, dass es sich lediglich um einen Test handelte. Gewährleistungsrechte wegen erfolgter Inbetriebnahme und in Kenntnis der Attitüde des heutigen Versandhandels gegenüber Kunden erst gar nicht geltend gemacht. Fazit Die Konkurrenz kann nicht schlechter sein!

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