CNC-Milling Service

CNC - Milling Service

Dear customers, please note that we cannot process with used or material provided by you. Thanks for your understanding.

Shaping Ideas. In contrast to conventional methods, such as hammering and rolling, with the milling technology solid bodies can be deformed without any considerable change in the microstructure of the material. Whether teak decks, rudders or acrylic glasses for hatches, whether wood or metal - we offer an extensive range of materials and possibilities.


A tour company we

  1. work with a high-tech milling machine
  2. use high-quality materials
  3. offer computer-precise milling
  4. offer tailored blanks
  5. manufacture individualized fittings
  6. mill lettering in elegant teak wood
  7. ... and much more!

Fabrication as requested by you!

Please send us a dimensioned sketch, sample or a vector file in DWG, DXF, EPS, AI or PDF.

In the case of 3-D milling, we can also process files in the formats STL, DXF, OBJ and VRML formats.


3D-letters - elegant and attractive labels for your boat! We produce letterings according to your requirements in shape and colour. As materials we offer acrylic glass, plastic, wood or aluminium.

The maximum size of each letter is 1500 x 3000 mm (out of one piece). On request, we can also produce larger letters made of several seamlessly connected parts.

3D labels are always an eye-catcher, no matter if presented in the field of water sports or at a stand, at events or even in shop windows or on facades.

Free Forms

Cuts in any shape - individually according to your wishes!

Our qualified staff will also produce 3D moulded pieces, according to your wishes.

All the acrylic glass and wooden panels in our range are available for cutting to size.

Windows & hatches from acrylic glass

Is the hatch glass on your boat scratched, corroded or otherwise damaged? No problem! On the basis of a template (e.g. the damaged hatch or a sketch) we are able to manufacture a new, accurately fitting glass hatch for you. Your boat will be a well-kept appearance again.


SVB helps you to realize your projects!

Your idea is in good hands with us - no matter the project you have in mind, SVB has competent planning assistance and the right service to realise all your individual ideas.

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