Environmentally Sound Disposal - Batteries

Some products in our assortment are delivered including batteries or accumulators. The used batteries or accumulators may not be disposed with the normal household waste. They have to be handed out to a municipal collection point or a recycling center.

SVB provides a professional and environmentally waste management of batteries via an approved disposal contractor. Therefore it is possible to send batteries or accumulators – which you bought at SVB – back to SVB (stamped adequate) or bring them directly to our store in Bremen to hand them back to us – of course for free.

Battery regulations (BattG / Batteriegesetz)

The BattG came into effect on 01.12.2009. It is a directive of the European Parliament and the Council about batteries and accumulators as well as used batteries and accumulators. The BattG dictates for example a binding quote of taking back and a limit value to the use of cadmium and mercury.

Batteries have to be marked with a crossed-out waste bin on wheels. The symbol indicates that the batteries may not be disposed of with the normal household waste. In addition, batteries, which have a higher level (above the threshold) of cadmium, lead or mercury, have to be marked appropriate.

Special rule for starter and consumer batteries

The seller of starter and consumer batteries has to take a battery deposit of 7.50 Euro. This does not apply if the consumer gives back a used battery or presents a proof of disposal.

Giving back the used battery or the proof of disposal, the customer also can get back the battery deposit - if he does not want to buy a new battery. Because of the dangerous goods regulation it is not allowed to send the used starter and consumer battery back.