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MASS COMBI: battery charger, inverter and support functions in a single device.
The Mastervolt Mass Combi combines a modern battery charger with a silent inverter, which are housed in a compact device, offering the best features of both worlds. This device is not just excellent for use in almost all types of ships, but also for its applications in heavy vehicles as well.

Power supply versatility
The Mass Combi is so popular, mainly due to the versitility of its power supply. The start and service batteries are quick to fully charge, while the inverter provides a silent and clean power supply. In addition, the COMBI has two separate AC outputs for light and heavy equipment. Heavy loads such as washing machines or air conditioners will only be powered when the mains power supply or a generator is available to prevent accidental battery drain.

Modern technology
The design of the Mass Combi is both unique and typical of Mastervolt. Instead of installing heavy transformers, our lightweight, high-frequency technology offers major advantages in terms of size, weight and noise levels (no humming noises!). This technology also ensures an exceptionally high efficiency with minimal conversion loss and low, no-load consumption. The Mass Combiwill meet all of your requirements and much more!
Combination of different functions
  • Additional power through the battery with a limited supply voltage (supporting mains/generator)
  • Charging of two individual battery banks
  • Convert 230 V / 50 Hz in pure sine wave voltage
  • 12 V version
  • Multiple distribution and switching systems
  • Parallel function; two parallel Combis for even better performance
  • The Mass Combi is certified according to CE standards
Mass Combi in a MasterBus network
The Mass Combi can be easily integrated in a MasterBus system. The system is clearly designed and can be operated intuitively. In addition, significantly fewer cables are needed for installation. From the MasterView Easy touch screen panel, the entire system is controlled. It displays information about the Combi as well as the batteries (using the MasterShunt) and operates the generator. The system can also be combined with a decentralized digital switching system.
A Mastervolt COMBI for additional power
If you need more power than the power supply or generator can provide, simply make up for this deficit by converting power from the battery. The COMBI also ensures that the battery is recharged as soon as the peak demand has been exceeded.
Convert in 230V pure sine wave voltage
Do not worry about how the connection relates to your 230 V devices. From a coffee machine to a laptop, from a flatscreen to a microwave, power tools or even an air conditioner, all units are equally supplied with a constant current, as is the case at home. The pure sine wave voltage ensures that your sensitive equipment also has a longer service life as well.
Intuitive operation
Each Mass Combi can be operated easily and intuitively. On the LED display of the Mass Combi, everything is at your fingertips, including: the charging phase and the charging current, the loads of both the 230 V and 12 V systems, 'yes/no availability' for 230 V and an on/off switch with the setting of 'just charging' for periods of inactivity. Mastervolt also gives you a complete range of control panels, ranging from a compact 3.5" panel, the so-called MasterView Easy panel, to the large 10.4" touch screen panel.
Not your average run-of-the-mill battery charger
This built-in battery charger is based on Mastervolt's proven 3-stage charging technology. This allows all battery types to be charged, including our modern lithium-ion models. This battery charger also provides a higher charging voltage, maximum charging current and speeds up the total recharging process of your batteries.
Easy installation:
The device's small, lightweight body makes it easy when it comes to installation. An additional advantage is the unit's robust terminals, which were optimized for fitters and mechanics who's shorter working time will drastically reduce your total installation costs.
General specifications:
Display LED-Display
Dimensions, HxWxD 496 x 318 x 156 mm
19.5 x 12.5 x 6.1 inch
Weight 11 kg / 24.3 lbs
Certifications CE, ABYC A-31

Technical specifications:

Max. 50 A
Max. 25 A
Switching time 10 ms
Ground Yes, adjustable with the DIP-switch
Temperature range (ambient temp.) -25°C to 60°C, abnehmend > 25°C
-13 to 140°F
Cooling Maintenance-free Vario-fan
Noise level < 48 dBA at 1 m
Protective grade IP23
Protective mechanisms Overheating, overload, short circuit, high/low battery voltage
MasterBus-Compatible Yes, in combination with a MasterBus Combi Interface

Specifications of the sine-inverter:

Nominal voltage of the battery 12 V (10-15 V)
Output undulation Pure sine wave, distortion factor < 2.5% during normal operation
Continuous power at 25°C, cos phi 1 2150 W - 9.3 A
Peak load capacity 4000 W - 17.4 A
Ability to use in a parallel circuit Yes
Runs in parallel with a generator Yes
Output voltage (+/- 5%) 230 V (+/- 5%), adjustable 180-250 V
Efficiency >90%
Continuous current consumption of the inverter at 230 V < 9 W
Consumption in energy saving mode 0.5 W

Specifications of the battery charger:

Input-nominal voltage 230 V (180-265 V) - 45-65 Hz
Max. charging current (adjustable) 100 A at 14.25 V
Primary AC-consumption (full load) 1656 W - 7.2 A
Charging voltage 25°C (uptake/float) 14.25/13.25 V
Charging current's second output 5 A
Battery temperature sensor
Comes standard in the delivery contents with a 6 meter cable and a telephone jack plug


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