Women's Fleece Jackets for Sailing

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Classic, or modern? As we know, there's no accounting for taste. But one thing is certain, during and after sailing, you want to be warm. Did you know that fleece jackets for women are great at keeping in warmth and effectively wicking away moisture while sailing? Whether you're sailing the water, mountaineering or spending time outdoors in cold weather, a fleece jacket can be worn for many activities year-round. Want to buy the perfect mid-layer for your sail and get a quality women's sailing fleece jacket? SVB offers you high-quality and functional fleece clothing in various colours that should be an essential piece of any sailing wardrobe.

Sailing Fleece Jackets for Women

- Warming, soft & comfortable -

Enjoy the warmth and style at sea! Not a fan of classic style and prefer something more functional and fashionable? Then browse through our range of fleece jackets. As a baselayer, midlayer or for slightly cooler sailing days, is there anything more pleasant than a comfortable, cosy and breathable fleece jacket for women? Fleece is the ultimate technical all-rounder and a synthetic alternative to warm natural fabrics.

A groundbreaking invention from 1979, velour fabric promises durability, flexibility and high thermal insulation without sacrificing breathability. The fleece jacket is not only great for sailing and outdoor activities, but also perfect for cold or windy days in everyday life. Even if you start to sweat and the jacket gets damp, moisture can escape effectively, and fleece provides warmth without causing heat build-up inside.

When it's still too cold outside for a simple shirt or jumper, fleece jackets are great for keeping you warm during sporting activities or normal life. What we're saying is that fleece, the superstar of the outdoor world, can be worn all year round. However, it's important to choose the right fleece jacket to suit your needs.

The synthetic fabric boasts a variety of great properties:

- Water repellent & quick drying (but not waterproof!)

- Cosy and soft

- Durable and robust

- Virtually crease-free

- Elastic

- Some fleece jackets are made from 100% recycled polyester!

Which type of women's fleece jacket should I buy for sailing?

Finding the right fleece jacket can seem like a difficult decision. Jackets are available with zips and varying numbers of pockets, which could be a factor to consider when choosing. Do you need a fleece jacket with a hood or is your sailing jacket and oilskin well equipped in this department? How can a fleece jacket complement your sailing clothing and outdoor outfit?

The fit, whether loose or body-hugging, naturally depends on your personal preferences. A loose fit and stretch fleece jackets offer more freedom of movement and are good choices in warmer climates, while a tighter fit prevents you from getting too cold. Note, however, that with a looser fit, only a little cold air should come into contact with your skin. In colder regions, in wet conditions or if you are particularly sensitive to the cold, a tighter fit is recommended rather than what you are used to on the land. Light to medium weight fleece jackets are ideal for sailing to prevent excessive sweating and to wick away heat and moisture to the outside at the same time. Thick fleece can inhibit movement if you plan to be more active when wearing.

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If there's still space in your bag for your next sailing trip or if you're searching for the right sailing travel bag for your yachting clothes and outdoor clothing, SVB offers you a wide range of well-known brands across different categories of women's sailing clothing . There you will also find robust women's boat shoes , women's functional underwear and a selection of sailing hats and headwear for sailing to complete your sailing outfit.

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