Wind Generators

Wind generators are ideal for providing your boat with power when you are not connected to shore power. This allows you to continue to use all your electrical equipment both day and night without draining your battery, even when at anchor in a quiet bay.

Wind Generators

- Energy on board at all times, day and night -

Whereas solar power systems are most affective only during the brighter hours of the day, a wind generator supplies your batteries and the on-board network with power during the night or rain and snow. It can only do that, though, when the wind is blowing of course!

Which factors have an influence on the energy output of wind generators?

The specified nominal power is usually reached at a wind force of 5 Beauforts. In addition to wind speed, energy output is also determined by the size of the rotor blade.

What do wind generators come with?

Most wind generators are supplied with a charge regulator and many of these have an additional connection point for a solar panel.

How are wind generators installed?

A wind generator requires sufficient space for installation and the rotory blade must be able to move unimpeded. It must be installed in a location and in such a way so that nobody can inadvertently enter its space while it is in operation. In order for it to reach its maximum performance output, it requires a steady supply of wind. It should therefore be mounted high enough so that it is not affected by possible air turbulence caused by deck superstructures. It should also be mounted on a stable frame, usually on the equipment rack. Depending on the type of installation, additional tubes or wires provide additional stability. Wind turbines can reach high rotor speeds and, in the past, the movement of the blades through the air generated an unpleasant noise, which also came from the turbine machinery. Today's generators feature optimised rotor blade designs that reduce noise considerably.

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