Sunshades for Boats

Sun protection for your boat. SVB offers a selection of high-quality sunshades for boats, so you can enjoy even the sunniest weather. Because on the water, reflections increase UV radiation enormously and sunburn can quickly result. Find important information about the materials, sizes, construction and protection from UV rays of sunshades that can be used not only on the water.

Sunshades for your boat

- Sun protection on the water -

Why is sun protection on the water so important?

Water reflects sunlight, exposing your skin to UV rays. The risk of overheating and getting sunburn is thus higher, which can quickly mean the end of your trip on the water. A place where you can get out of the sun is therefore extremely welcome. Whether on a sailboat, motorboat or yacht, the right shade provides the protection you need.

What types of sunshades are there?

Central pole sunshades
Central pole sunshades or central pole umbrellas are the classic sunshades often used in gardens or on balconies. The umbrella roof is mounted on a central pole, supported by metal or wooden ribs. Stability is provided, among other things, by a parasol holder or base, in which the pole is firmly held. These types of parasol can be round or square shaped and can often be tilted to the right position in relation to the sun. 

Free-hanging shades
Free-hanging sunshades can be suspended anywhere on your yacht thanks to their flexibility. They are secured from above and can be attached to the mast, boom etc., with additional straps on the corners. Some boat shades can be used both on-board and taken ashore and are quick and easy to transport.

How do I choose the right sunshade?

1. On the water & on land?
Consider whether you want to use your sunshade only on your boat or also ashore. Some parasols come with practical accessories such as a carrying bag or are particularly quick to set up and take down.

2. How is the sunshade secured?
Check which securing options your boat has. Can it be suspend? In which case a free-hanging shade could be an option. Otherwise, we have several central pole parasols in our range. These can be attached to various places on the boat with a holder. There's a range of sunshade holders in our online shop.

3. How much shade is possible/necessary?
Measure or estimate the minimum and maximum size of the shade. Don't just look at length and width, but also at the height required. Boom or shrouds may obstruct where you want to place your shade.

4. Do you only want shade or protection from the rain etc.?
Know what material your sunshade is made of and think about additional protection. If you want to keep dry when it rains, water-repellent or waterproof materials are the right choice. Additional protection against UV rays can be provided by ripstop material, among other things.

5. Choose & buy
You should now be confident about which sunshade is right for you, so get buying!

6. Have fun on your next cruise!

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