Fishing Equipment

Everything for fishing! From one-handed fishing, to classic fishing rods, bait selections and rod holders, you'll find them all here. If you would like to try your luck at fishing, we recommend that you take a lookat our Fishfinder category. Learn more about Fishing Equipment...

Fishing Equipment

- Become a fishing master! -

Have you heard about our DEEPER Fishfinder? Designed for both amateurs and professionals, the fishfinder works according to the echo sounder principle. In addition to water depth and fish, it also shows the water surface and its composition. The special feature of this fishfinder is that it is completely wireless and portable. The device can be easily controlled via iPhone, iPad or Android tablet devices. This model has been specially designed for use where most sounders cannot. Simply take the Deeper Fishfinder with you in a kayak or inflatable boat, on the stand-up-paddle board or use it on the shore or in the dock.  

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Monte P. on 16.09.2020

Fast delivery...3 days no extra charge.

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Gary D. on 16.09.2020

Cheapest and quickest delivery

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ANITTA N. on 15.09.2020

The product was great, which I had been looking for for a long time and delivery to the door fast

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