Splicing Equipment and Tools

Spliced ropes are often used in sailing. Numerous benefits include a near 100 percent breaking load, increased versatility and lines that run smoothly over sheaves and blocks. Do you want to learn how to make your own splices and engage in this traditional craft? In addition to the necessary tools, you'll find professional splicing instructions and, of course, high-quality rope here and in our online shop.

What is splicing equipment used for?

- Make a rope splice that is stronger than a knot, practical and versatile -

Splicing is when two rope ends are joined or connected by interweaving individual strands, the strength of which is based on the physical principles of friction and self-locking. Unlike a knot, splicing does not affect the breaking load of the line, and it is capable of attaining a rope's full strength. The result is a rope that will last much longer, which reduces costs, plus additional rope thickness is kept to a minimum. There is also a big saving in terms of weight. Furthermore, back splicing looks more professional than whipping or taping the ends or using heat shrink tubing.

Splicing is not rocket science!

-  All it takes is a little practice -

Are you familiar with the words splicing fid, pusher or marlin spike? In our shop you can not only buy these tools for splicing rope, but also find detailed splicing instructions in our partner GLEISTEIN's Splicing Book - practical and easy to understand, the guide explains ways to the perfect splice. Every sailor should have the right types of splicing tools on board in their toolbox to make an eye splice, long splice, short splice, end splice (back splice), rope splice or wire-rope splice themselves if required.

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We can also splice for you! Click here to find out more and order your splices.

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