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The Simrad HALO Pulse Compression Radar is the first radar antenna to operate at 60 rpm. This allows the radar image to be displayed in almost real time. Thanks to its integrated VelocityTrackTM Doppler technology, potential dangers can be detected quickly.

Simrad Radar Devices

- Quickly detect potential dangers -

Radar reception in record breaking high-speed

The Simrad HALO24 pulse compression radar is the first radar antenna to operate at 60 rpm. This allows the radar image to be displayed almost in real time. The 24-inch radar antenna features advanced pulse compression technology and a range of up to 48 nautical miles. The VelocityTrackTM Doppler technology integrated in the HALO 24 radar enables potential dangers to be detected quickly. Approaching or distant targets are displayed in different colours, which quickly highlights the danger and improves situational awareness.

The Simrad HALO radar was designed specifically for recreational boating and is the world's first semiconductor radar with pulse compression technology. With a range of 48 (HALO-3) or 64 (HALO-4) nautical miles and dual-range operation, the Simrad HALO Radar features the latest radar technology

The dual-range function of the HALO-3 and HALO-4 enables simultaneous detailed monitoring of near and far areas on a split screen. This way you can keep an eye on distant weather cells and the approaching shipping traffic, all at once.

Pulse compression radars in comparison

HALO 20 HALO 20+ HALO 24
Max. Range 24 nm 36 nm 48 nm
Rotation 24 rpm 20-60 rpm 20-60 rpm
DualRange No Yes Yes
Velocity Track (target colouring) No Yes Yes
Beam Sharpening No Yes Yes
Sector Blanking Yes Yes Yes
LED lighting No Yes Yes
MARPA targets Yes 10 Yes (20) Yes (20)

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Sakib S. on 03.10.2023

I was super please with price and delivery service. Saki, Croatia

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Ray L. on 03.10.2023

A great product with the best price i could find online, well packaged and very fast delivery to me here in Greece

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Eric H. on 02.10.2023

Easy to mount the connectors.