Lifelines & Safety Belts

Lifelines / safety lines, and life belts are clasped on to an eyelet on deck and function as lifesavers. Only those who do not go overboard, must not be rescued. SVB has a wide range of models to offer. Learn more about Lifelines & Safety Belts...
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A. 3-Point Lifeline, webbed lifeline with 3 stainless steel carabiners. CE - tested. Soft webbing that can be stowed away.

B. SECUMAR Lifebelt, for adults over 45 kg. Due to a mesh fabric piece in the back part, the Network Survival Lifebelt is comfortable to wear. Equipped with high-quality Secumar safety lock.

C. Transatlantic Junior, for children weighing 20-50 kg, comes with spliced ​​rope and carabiners. Adjustable straps, manufactured according to DIN 7925.

D. SECUMAR Lifeline, 3-point lifeline made out of webbing, manufactured according to DIN EN 12401 with quality carabiners from Wichard. For those weighing at least 50 kg. Suitable for all life jackets with harnesses.

E. Strech Lifeline, flexible lifeline with 3 special carabiners in a triangle shape with an additional latch, which prevents unwanted opening. When released from the attachment point, the belt tightens, and there is no longer a chance of stepping on your own belt.
Maximum length 1.6 m. Breaking load 1.9 t. CE approved.

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Jyrki A. on 03.07.2020

Delivery company had not my phonenumber. Thats way little delay. One visit for vain.

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Kimmo J. on 02.07.2020

Quick service, reasonable shipping costs. I am satisfied with SVB.

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Jose S. on 30.06.2020

delivery just in time

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