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For children who are not yet able to swim, we recommend wearing a foam life jacket on the water, as this is immediately ready for use in an emergency and provides the necessary buoyancy. The signal-colour means that you can always keep an eye on your child on the water as well as on land. Foam life jackets are available for children weighing as little as 3 kg. Our online shop also features regatta jackets for slightly older children. Note that these special life jackets for children are not unconscious-proof, but they do offer more freedom of movement. Find out which life jacket is best to buy for your child here. 

Children's Foam Life Jackets

- Ideal for babies & toddlers -

A foam life jacket for infants, children or babies should keep the child above the water surface. The crotch strap attached to the jacket should always be put on - this is the only way to keep the jacket against the body in an emergency and prevent it from slipping over the child's head.

For children who are not yet able to swim, we recommend a foam lifejacket, as it is immediately ready for use and provides constant buoyancy in an emergency. The child is more visible thanks to the signal-coloured vest cover and can be quickly pulled out of the water with the rescue sling.

The large collar of a foam vest is also helpful, as it keeps the small non-swimmer's head firmly above the water, making this life jacket unconscious-proof. Children should wear their life jacket not only on the water, but also in the harbour and on the jetty. 

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Bastiaan D. on 04.10.2023

Another port another package delivered. Thanks!

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Sakib S. on 03.10.2023

I was super please with price and delivery service. Saki, Croatia

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Ray L. on 03.10.2023

A great product with the best price i could find online, well packaged and very fast delivery to me here in Greece