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Life Jackets for Dogs

Foam bouyancy aids are the classic life jacket. They are especially popular in dinghy sailing and regattas. Important here is that these life jackets do not restrict movement and fit properly. Otherwise, it's game over should the boat capsize during a regatta. When buying a life jacket, pay attention to the different models. From dog life jackets to life jackets for babies or children, you'll find all kinds of top PFD offers in our online shop. Learn more about Foam Life Jackets... Go to video...

Foam life jackets

- The simple classic for water sports enthusiasts -

What are the advantages of foam life jackets?

Foam life jackets are easy to use and care for. They represent a cheaper alternative to automatic jackets, both in terms of initial purchase and maintenance. Because foam life jackets are not subject to any maintenance regulations. Their thick foam material also provides additional warmth. A foam jacket usually lasts about 10 - 15 years. 

For whom are foam life jackets suitable?

Foam life jackets are suitable for all water sports on inland lakes and in coastal areas as well as for fine weather sailing or motorboating with light clothing. There are even foam life jackets available for dogs.

Foam life jackets with 50 N and 100 N

Foam life jackets are available as buoyancy aids with 50 N or as lifejackets with 100 N.

Buoyancy aids with 50 N buoyancy

Life Jackets with a buoyancy strength of 50 N are known as buoyancy aids. Buoyancy aids have no collar and do not have sufficient buoyancy strength to keep the wearer or his head above the water on its own, they simply provide support. 50 N buoyancy aids are foam life jackets. These buoyancy aids should only be used by strong swimmers, close to the shore or coast, and in situations where rapid assistance and rescue are required, such as dinghy racing, water skiing, canoeing and kayaking. In these cases, a buoyancy aid provides gentle, comfortable support for the capsized person as he swims back to the dinghy or boat. For beginners and those who do occasional sports, a buoyancy aid made of solid material is a good and inexpensive way of providing protection.

Life Jackets with 100 N buoyancy

Life Jackets with 100 N buoyancy have a collar and are ideal for use by adults of average size and average weight in inland areas and sheltered waters without swell or spray. 100 N life jackets are mostly foam life jackets, children's life jackets or life jackets that can be activated manually in some cases. These jackets have a foam body that warms the wearer as well as providing buoyancy. They do not have to be inflated in an emergency. and are ready for immediate use. Life Jackets made of foam are therefore particularly suitable for use when they do not need to be worn permanently on board, but only as the situation requires. Because they are so easy to use, they are perfect for non-professionals. A 100 N foam life jacket is a good and inexpensive option for beginners sailing on a dinghy. These life jackets are not suitable when sailing in difficult conditions. The material is hard-wearing and robust. but the foam buoyancy aid (primarily polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride) can be damaged by sunlight and salt water. reducing the buoyancy strength of the life jacket. Foam life jackets are much cheaper than inflatable life jackets and do not require any maintenance.

You can find out about the differences and which type is best for you in our life jacket guide or in our video.

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