Foam Life Jackets

Foam life jackets and buoyancy aids consist of an outer shell, usually in a warning colour, which is filled with closed-cell soft foam that provides the buoyancy. Solid-material vests for water sports are available in the buoyancy classes 50 - 100 N. Foam life jackets are not the same as technical life jackets and compared to automatic life jackets they are simpler in terms of features, maintenance and price. Learn more about Foam Life Jackets... Go to Video...
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Foam Life Jackets

- The simple classic for water sports enthusiasts -

What are the advantages of foam life jackets?

Foam life jackets are easy to use and care for. They represent a cheaper alternative to automatic jackets, both in terms of initial purchase and maintenance. Because foam life jackets are not subject to any maintenance regulations. Their thick foam material also provides additional warmth. A foam jacket usually lasts about 10 - 15 years. 

For whom are foam life jackets suitable?

Foam life jackets are suitable for all water sports on inland lakes and in coastal areas as well as for fine weather sailing or motorboating with light clothing. There are even foam life jackets available for dogs.

Foam life jackets with 50 N and 100 N

Foam life jackets are available as buoyancy aids with 50 N or as life jackets with 100 N. You can find out the differences and which type is best for you in our life jacket guide or in our life jacket video.

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