First Aid Equipment for the Boat

Although there are no legal regulations for first aid equipment on pleasure boats, it is clear to every skipper that basic first aid equipment is essential in the event of an accident or necessary medical care at sea. The range of first aid kits available for water sports enthusiasts does not conform to any standards, as is the case with car first aid kits, which comply with DIN 13164.

First aid equipment for your boat

- The basic equipment you should have on board - 

Before buying or supplementing existing first aid equipment for your boat, there are a few things that should be considered first:

- Where will you be sailing?

- How long will you be there?

- How far away is the coast or how long could it take for professional help to arrive in an emergency?

- How large is the crew?

- Are there passengers with illnesses that require special medication?

- Are there any animals on board?

In any case, it is advisable to be well equipped to provide the best possible assistance to people who have had an accident or are ill on board. The basic first aid kit should include:
Bandages, quick wound dressings, finger bandages, dressing packs, wound compresses, cooling packs, life blankets, plaster bandages, triangular cloths, bandage scissors, tick tweezers, disposable gloves, disinfectants, skin cleaning cloths.

The first aid kit should also be combined with an on-board pharmacy with helpful medicines such as insect repellents, painkillers and medication against seasickness.

First aid kits and on-board pharmacy should be visible and easily accessible to everyone on board.

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