First Aid & Fire Extinguishers for Boats

Accidents can happen on the water just as unexpectedly as they do at home - which is why it is good to have a first-aid kit or fire extinguisher at hand. High-quality emergency equipment on motor or sailing yachts and familiarity with how to provide assistance on board is important and can save lives!  Learn more about First Aid & Fire Extinguishers...
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First aid & fire extinguishers at sea

- Well prepared for emergencies - 

What can be dealt with reasonably well on land can quickly result in the end of the trip if the same happens on a boat. If there is no doctor on board in an emergency, the skipper and crew should be able to provide the necessary basic medical care on board themselves.  

Minimum safety equipment for boats

First-aid kits are part of the basic safety equipment on a boat and are available in various versions, specifically suited to water sports. Before you start your journey, check that your first aid kit is complete and that its contents are still usable, as plasters, gauze bandages and compresses also have an expiry date, after which their sterility or functionality is no longer guaranteed
When it comes to fire protection on board, the same care should be taken. On-board fire extinguishers are neither mandatory nor is the number of extinguishers on a ship regulated. In any case, one thing is clear: portable fire extinguishers on board are an absolute necessity. At least one portable fire extinguisher and one fire blanket should be present on each vessel. Our range includes CO2, foam, aerosol and powder extinguishers

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