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A rope for all applications? Of course there are universal ropes. But, a single perfect rigging solution for any situation simply does not exist. Because it comes down to whether various factors such as, for example: if a high degree of elongation is required or not. 
In many cases, a buoyant rope is useful, however this is not the case for anchoring. High-end rigging increases performance, but may complicate handling. By having a very solid sheath, the lifespan of a rope is increased, but the flexibility is reduced. This is why the intended use of the rope is so important to keep in mind. A rope must be optimized for its intended usage: the right rope for the right application!

In the SVB-Online Shop, a wide selection of rigging solutions is offered. From high-quality fiber mixes, to the newest high-tech ropes in many different colors and diameters. The ropes are manufactured with various levels of strength and can be twisted or braided. The selection of material is also very important because this affects the rope's characteristics, such as: lifespan, supporting force, stretch, possibilities of use - we have the right material for any purpose.

Always have the suitable rigging on board!
We turn your ideas into custom-made solutions, which we tailor to each specific rigging application. For the trades, industry, commercial shipping or offshore sailing; as a mooring line, an outboard shot or as an anchor line - no matter what type of rope you need, we can manufacture it with the optimal splicing and cable connections. We also offer custom constructions of all common materials, up to a diameter of 200 mm.

Splicing work cannot be replaced by any modern technology. Performed professionally to produce a durable, smooth connection between two rope ends by braiding the individual strands. This is unbreakable and cannot be detatched. Lifting and lashing techniques are based on splices which support heavy loads. Similarly, hot air balloon rides would not be possible without splices. Climbing nets or other playground equipment are incorporate splicing into their designs. In winter sports, they are used for chair lifts and gondolas. Splices are often used in the private sector for roller shutters, sunshades or for towing cars.

Splice strength vs. knot strength as a bowline hitch

Type of rope   Ø mm   Breaking force daN   Max. breaking force loss   Bowline hitch daN
Gemini X 16 6,500 -39% 4,000
Tasmania 12 2,900 -40% 1,750
Dyna-One 16 20,500 -78% 4,500

daN = deca-Newton, measured value for breaking force, 1 Newton = 102 gram-force, 1 daN = 1,020 gram-force of the old measuring system, 1kg.

We can find the correct splicing solution for every boat owner! Call us at: 0421 57290-0 or send us an email at: Our experts are happy to provide you with advice and practical help.

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