Standard Thimble-Splice
Product image of Standard Thimble-Splice
Spliced Eye on 3-strand Rope
Product image of Spliced Eye on 3-strand Rope
Hand-made Splice, Small Eye
Product image of Hand-made Splice, Small Eye
Spliced Eye on 8-strand Rope
Product image of Spliced Eye on 8-strand Rope
Spliced Eye with Thimble on double Braid
Product image of Spliced Eye with Thimble on double Braid
Spliced Eye on heavy-duty Thimble
Product image of Spliced Eye on heavy-duty Thimble
Splice for continuous rope
Product image of Splice for continuous rope
Splice for continuous rope
34.95 EUR from €34.95
End-to-End Splice
Product image of End-to-End Splice
End-to-End Splice
38.95 EUR from €38.95


The durability of a splice is based on friction and the phenomenon of self-locking and is always greater than the strength of the original rope. The rigger knows different types of splices: eye-splice, long-splice, short-splice and end splice.
Splicing makes sense
A line that has been spliced, can easily hold double the load than one which has been tied in a knot. However, an incorrect splice or knot can reduce the tensile strength of a rope by up to 75%. Many yachts have oversized lines within their rigging, which don't make sense to use and also cost a lot of money. Professional sailors and regatta participants are aware of the advantage of spliced lines and use this to save weight and money.
Another advantage of spliced lines is their movement through blocks and rollers, they hardly form any scouring or rippling.
Together with the company GLEISTEIN, we offer you our personalized service: high-performance, customized splicing done by our rigging specialist Olaf Wegmann.
For each type of rigging that we carry, we offer a detailed splicing manual. All of the necessary tools are shown within the manual. Please note that in high-performance rigging, for example like Vectran, DYNA One and DISCOVER, specialized thimbles must be used. For this purpose, normal thimbles are provided with an additional web plate.

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