Splices and cable connections Splicing and whipping is a traditional craft, which is still in use today and cannot be replaced by modern technology. Splicing is the term used to describe the unbreakable and lasting bond and repair of fibre and wire ropes by the intertwining of the individual strands. Learn more about Splices...

The strength of a splice is based on friction and the phenomenon of self-locking and can only be completely maintained if a splice is done by a professional.
In collaboration with Ropetec, a specialist local company with decades of experience in this special craft, we are able to offer you the following hand-made splices: eye splice, long splice, short splice, end splice, rope connection splice and a wire rope splice.

Splicing makes sense
Many yachts have oversized lines within their rigging, which are expensive and unnecessary. Professional sailors and regatta participants are well aware of the advantages of spliced lines and use them to cut down on weight and save money.
A line that has been spliced can easily hold double the load than one which has simply been tied in a knot. However, an incorrect splice or knot can reduce the tensile strength of a rope by up to 75%. 
Another advantage of spliced lines is their movement through blocks and rollers, with hardly any chafing or rubbing.

Individually hand crafted
Together with the splicing company Ropetec, who are specialists in this craft with decades of experience, we offer you our personalised service: High performance ropes from the company Gleistein, with optimal splicing and rope end connections according to your wishes.
Please keep in mind: splicing work (especially Dyneema) only provides the necessary load-bearing capacity if it is carried out professionally.

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Good service all round

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Excellent - fast delivery

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