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Flag lines, unlike sheets or halyards, do not require a particularly high breaking load. However, you don't want to have to replace them all the time, so they should be able to withstand wind, UV light and salt water for as long as possible. Find a wide range of high-quality products that match these requirements in our SVB online shop.

Important characteristics of flag cord

- Synthetic or natural fibre: Which material is better? -

Flagline has fewer technical requirements than other sailing rope. However, there are still some things you need to be aware of when buying flagpole rope.

Want to buy flag line for a boat? Flying a flag on a sailing boat on the high seas or inshore is an important part of recreational and commercial navigation communication. Flags are signals that should be displayed when entering foreign waters or competing in regattas and convey information about your boat, such as nationality or club affiliation. These thin lines are used to hoist or attach flags, pennants and burgees to your stern flagpole, spreader or main masthead. Unlike sheets, halyards or trim lines, the technical requirements are rather low, but they should be abrasion-resistant and withstand adverse weather conditions. We have an assortment of flag rope for you to buy, available in various diameters from 2.5 mm to 6 mm. All our products can, of course, also be used on the mainland.

What type of rope is used for flag line? 

- Flagpole rope: characteristics to look out for -

Reliable with good handling! High-quality materials ensure that your lines do not have to be constantly replaced with new ones: They should be resilient enough to withstand wind, sun and salt water and resistant to frequent abrasion for as long as possible. Nowadays, flag lines are usually made of polyester or polypropylene.

Synthetic fibres outperform natural fibres in terms of durability. As is the case with other rope used on the boat, better quality products have a core-sheath braid design. However, in theory, a single braid is also adequate. Most importantly, they have to be resilient, light and flexible with as small a diameter as possible. 

High quality flagline should demonstrate the following properties:

Weather and UV resistant: Flag ropes are highly exposed to sunlight and weather. Polypropylene has the advantage over polyester in that it absorbs less water and dries faster. Polyester flag rope is more resistant to light than polypropylene, but it stretches more.

Abrasion-resistant: Flag cords often chafe on the flagpole or where they are attached in the wind. High-quality rope will withstand this stress better, wear out less quickly and last longer.

As strong as possible, but as thin as required! When a flag flaps in the wind, enormous forces are at work. The larger the flag, the stronger the line needs to be. Also, the thinner it is, the less wind resistance there will be. 

No twisting or tangling: Especially when the flag is changed every day, the line should be easy to handle and not twist or tangle. Braided rope is better than twisted rope in this respect. The higher the quality of the braid, the smoother the line.

How should you attach a flag line?

- Knotting flag halyards and other useful items -

You should be able to remove flags from your line quickly, but at the same time it should still hold them reliably and securely. Experts recommend using Brummel hooks, an extremely practical clip used by the British Royal Navy, to join flags or ensigns to flag halyards quickly, easily and securely. 

However, if you don't want to use them or similar items such as shackles or carabiners on your flag rope, you can simply use a sheet bend or double sheet bend to attach your flags. This classic knot is the traditional way of hoisting flags. 

Other ways include using flag hooks, snap hooks, flagline cleats, clips or plastic Brummel hooks, all of which are commercially available. Our shop has a range of alternatives for you to buy.

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