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Whether for securing lose items on deck or quickly tying down all sorts of tarps - bungee cords, sail ties or gaskets are useful items to have on board. Want to buy sail ties? In our shop we have a wide range of the useful elastic sail ties for you to buy.

Elastic sail ties for boats

- The modern alternative to polyester rope -

In sailing, gaskets or sail ties are short lengths of rope used, for example, for reefing sails. Whereas in the past these lines were almost exclusively made of natural or synthetic fibre braid, today they are often made of rubber cord or a sturdy hollow elastic - either tied as a loop, with a plastic hook at the end, or made of two parallel rubber lines with plastic balls at the ends (bungee sail ties / ball sail ties).

What are bungee cords used for?

- Stretchy cord with a myriad of applications -

These small rubber fasteners can be used for plenty of applications and there isn't a skipper on any boat that would deny how handy they are. Whenever something needs to be quickly and easily secured, bungee cords are the go-to thing for any crew. Their most useful property is their stretch and elasticity. As they are available in varying lengths and thicknesses, this further increases their versatility, making them useful for securing halyards and shrouds to the mast as well as mooring lines to the railing. But not only are they useful on boats, bungee cords are handy items to have when camping and in other outdoor activities. Want to buy bungee cord? We sell bungee cord in 4, 6 and 8 mm thicknesses in our online shop.

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