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For many years, only manual marine toilets were installed on smaller boats. These toilets are generally fitted with hand-pumps to operate. The pumps work in two stages: Firstly, the rinse water is pumped into the toilet bowl and then the contents of the toilet bowl are pumped out by turning a switch valve.
Marine Toilet Guide

Manual on-board toilets

- Marine toilets with hand pump for smaller boats -

Advantages of manual on-board toilets

The advantages of manual marine toilets are their low price, easy operation (with appropriate care and maintenance) and the abundance of spare parts available, should something need to be replaced. In addition, no on-board power is required for manual operation.

Disadvantages of manual marine toilets

The disadvantages include operational problems resulting from usage on charter yachts and with smaller children aboard. Uncontrolled water consumption, in conjunction with small holding tanks can also be problematic. Often too much water is simply pumped / purged and the holding tank fills up quickly. The rubber parts (seals and valves) of these units must be properly maintained, in order to keep everything operating smoothly.

Electric conversion kits for on-board toilets

Some manual marine toilets can be converted into electric versions. This can be done by either simply replacing the existing hand pump or the entire substructure of the unit. Both systems are equipped with a combined chopper / impeller pump. There is no need to manually switch between flushing and suction and the toilet is much easier to use, even for less experienced sailors.

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