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The propeller, alongside the electrical components, is one of the most important parts of an outboard engine. This is because the outboard propeller provides propulsion by transferring engine power to the water. We can help you find the right replacement propeller for your outboard so that you can easily exchange old for new. Learn more about Outboard Propellers...

Propellers for outboards

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Ground contact can cause damage to the outboard propeller. A piece could break off or one or more of the blades could be damaged. Because it runs at such a high RPM, even minor damage to the outboard propeller will result in an imbalance, which can affect the entire outboard engine and lead to further damage. If you fear that your outboard propeller has hit the bottom you should inspect it, lubricate the propeller shaft with seawater-resistant grease or replace the outboard propeller if necessary. This maintenance should be done at least once a year, in any case.

How to change an outboard propeller

Replacing the propeller of your outboard is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Use pliers to bend the split pins that secure the propeller nut and remove the split pin. You can then unscrew the nut and remove the propeller from the outboard. Apply some boat grease to the hub before you put the outboard propeller and the washer back on, tighten the nut and secure the split pins, the ends of which must be slightly bent again. 

What material are outboard propellers made of?

The outboard propellers in our propeller online shop are either made of plastic or aluminium. Many manufacturers offer smaller outboard propellers for lower power outboard engines that are made of plastic and outboard propellers for higher power outboards made of aluminium.

Diameter of outboard propellers

The diameter of outboard propellers is usually given in inches. The easiest way to determine the diameter of your outboard propeller is to measure the distance from the centre of the hub to the end of a blade. Take this measurement and multiply by two to determine the diameter of your outboard propeller. The more powerful your engine, the larger the diameter of the outboard propeller, in order to transfer power accordingly.

Inner hub of outboard propellers

The inner hub varies in diameter and number of teeth depending on the manufacturer. When buying a new propeller for your outboard, make sure that the number of teeth fits the shaft mount of your engine. 

What is outboard propeller pitch?

Propeller pitch is the distance a propeller moves in one complete revolution. Propeller pitch also refers to the angle of the propeller blades. Propeller pitch is comparable to the gear shift of a car or a bicycle. Small pitch or a slightly angled propeller blade helps for a quick start, similar to using first gear for cars or bicycles, but limits the maximum speed. With large propeller pitches engine acceleration is much slower, but higher maximum speeds can be reached.

How do I find the right pitch for my outboard propeller?

If you are satisfied with the performance of your outboard motor, it is recommended that you choose an outboard propeller with the same pitch as before. The pitch of your outboard propeller is normally indicated on the outside of the propeller cover. If you want to change the pitch or if you don't know the pitch of the previous propeller, for example if you lost your outboard propeller, pay attention to the number of revolutions per minute (RPM) your outboard engine delivers at full throttle. Your outboard's optimum RPM at full throttle is given in the engine manual. If your current RPM is too high, choose a propeller with a larger pitch to increase the top speed. If it's too low, the pitch of your current outboard propeller is too high and is preventing the engine from running at full capacity. One inch difference in propeller pitch results in a change of about 200 RPM. 

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