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Brand: PETZL
Are you looking for a compact headlamp that is lightweight and extremely bright? PETZL has a range of headlamps that are perfect for use on the boat. Featuring a waterproof design and LED technology, you can easily perform any number of tasks in the dark on board, keeping both hands free at all times. Want to buy a PETZL headlamp? Then take a look at the different types in our SVB online shop now.

Are PETZL headlamps waterproof?

All PETZL headlamps are waterproof for trouble-free use on board. The headlamps available for you in the SVB online shop are at least IPX4 (weather resistant), which means that your PETZL headlamp is suitable for use in rain, snow or a humid environment. And the robust and water-repellent design makes these lamps perfect for use on your boat. Whether night sailing or a fishing trip during the hours of darkness, a PETZL headlamp will be the first thing you'll want to take with you to help you see in the dark. You'll hardy notice you're wearing it thanks to the light weight. Secured with an adjustable headband, the lamp will always remain firmly in place on your head, allowing you to work with both hands and perform any task on deck. With a high luminosity of 350 to 900 lumens depending on the model and a wide light beam, a PETZL headlamp is ideal for close-range and long-distance lighting. Battery use is kept to a minimum thanks to the LED technology featured in PETZL headlamps, so you can use your light for up to 100 hours and carry out tasks with total peace of mind that the battery will last. After use, you can pack the lamp back into the NOCTILIGHT storage case so that you'll have your PETZL headlamp ready to go for next time.

Which PETZL headlamp is right for me?

Before choosing a PETZL headlamp, think about the activities you want to do using your light. PETZL headlamps are suitable for a wide range of uses, depending on your specific needs. From hiking, trail running, camping, climbing, jogging or using in the dark to shine a light when moving around your boat, even the most demanding activity is no problem thanks to the high luminosity of PETZL's powerful headlamps. In our SVB online shop you will find a wide range of PETZL headlamps that can be used for a variety of activities and are very popular for use on board. 

PETZL headlamps are also great for longer work on deck thanks to their hybrid battery concept. This means you can power your light with a lithium-ion spare battery CORE / 1250 mAh as well as with three AAA/LR03 batteries.

All models have a red light that prevents you from blinding those nearby. The red light can be set to strobe to signal your location or continuous mode to preserve night vision. It also has a lock feature that prevents the lamp from turning on while in transit or storage. 

The TIKKA / grey headlamp makes a great entry-level model at an excellent price. With a luminosity of 350 lumens, it provides more than enough illumination at sea during the night. As with all PETZL headlamps, it's easy to angle the lamp in any desired direction. TIKKA also has three different lighting levels. Max burn time for the longest duration, standard mode or max power. 

The ACTIK blue headlamp and the ACTIK grey headlamp are compact, powerful, and simple to use, with 450 lumens of brightness and two beams for long distance and close range vision. As with the TIKKA, three different lighting levels can also be selected. 

If you want a powerful, easy to use headlamp that provides excellent stability in any activity on board, we recommend the top model from our SVB online shop: the powerful SWIFT RL headlamp. With 900-lumen brightness, it is the most powerful headlamp in our range and also features a sensor that automatically adjusts brightness to your needs. Furthermore, an ergonomic headband ensures that this PETZL headlamp is especially suitable for dynamic and demanding activities on your sailing yacht or motorboat. It has six light levels of different brightness as well as a battery indicator to check the remaining light time. With a battery life of up to 100 hours, it won't let you down on long night cruises or fishing trips.

Clever accessories for your PETZL headlamp

If you already own a PETZL headlamp and are currently still using conventional batteries, we recommend the CORE / 1250 mAh lithium-ion replacement battery. This allows you to charge your lamp via a USB cable and provides you with high light output even in colder outdoor temperatures. 

To ensure safe storage of your PETZL headlamp, we recommend the NOCTILIGHT storage case. This translucent protective case diffuses light and when the lamp is placed inside it becomes a lantern with diverse possibilities: place on a surface, suspend in a tent, or attach it to a belt.

Take a look at the flashlights and spot lights in our SVB online shop to extend or enhance your close-range lighting options.

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