Tools & Accessories for Boat Repair and Yacht Care

Find here the right tool for your boat repairs or ship conversion, as well as the right material, such as for applying a new antifouling coat for the underwater hull. Learn more about Tools & Accessories...
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Fein Multimaster

Antifouling paint, GRP repairs and varnishing work

- The right accessories and tools -

Carrying out small work and repairs on the boat or a larger refit can be normal everyday life for yacht owners and water sports enthusiasts. Ship wear and tear caused by moisture and salt water can be prevented. This starts right at the beginning of the season when GRP cracks are repaired and filled, a new antifouling coat is applied and paint is put on above and below deck. The right antifouling brushes, paint kits, rollers and strong masking tape from renowned brands such as 3M are just as essential as protective clothing and breathing masks. All of this can be ordered easily, quickly and safely from our SVB special online shop for yacht and boat accessories. We deliver your tools directly to your winter warehouse, port or home. Find out if it is best to use a brush or a roller for applying antifouling paint now in our antifouling guide.


Preparing the substrate

- Grinding and sanding machines for your underwater hull -

Before you start painting, the painted underwater hull must, in most cases, be sanded down slightly or completely. For this purpose, our SVB paint specialists recommend sanding machines and suitable accessories, such as sandpaper of different grain sizes, paint scrapers, sanding discs and sanding blocks from our extensive and affordable range. An absolute all-rounder especially for corners and edges is the Multimaster by Fein - grinding, polishing and cutting on board, no problem with this absolute must-have tool! When sanding your old antifouling coat, make sure you have sufficient face protection, as the fine paint particles of the old antifouling can penetrate deep into your pores and irritate the skin or eyes. Before applying a new coat of paint, clean and degrease the surface of your yacht with a dust cloth and sponges so that the new paint lasts long and does not flake away.


Make your topside shine

- Polishing machines, polish and useful accessories -

To make your overwater hull shine again or if your GRP is faded or yellowish and you wish to put new life into it, we recommend our extensive range of polishing machines and polishes. Our customers and experienced skippers swear by the use of lambswool polishing pads to achieve a shiny result!


Tools, boat knives and other items

- No ship should be missing these! -

Sharp sailor’s knives to react quickly if a line gets caught in the propeller, oil absorbent cloths for unexpected oil or petrol leakages, one or more bailers for getting rid of rainwater, suction handles, staple guns for a big refit or for emergency work - get all this in our online shop, recommended and used by experienced water sports enthusiasts, skippers, shipyards, boat builders and long-term boat owners and sailors.

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Keith D. on 26.01.2022

Very well packaged and super quick delivery.

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Goncalo M. on 29.12.2021

fast , well packaged , no complaints

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Don O. on 28.12.2021

Excellent service and product