Protective Clothing for Boat Repairs and Yacht Paint

Safety and protection when working on the boat is of paramount importance! For optimal protection when carrying out repairs or applying a new antifouling coat, it is an absolute neccessity to wear protective clothing. We have protective wear for all kinds of repair work on board, from disposable gloves to complete protective overalls. Take care to use the right clothing when welding!

Protective Clothing

- Protect yourself and your surroundings -

Protective gloves

Starting with latex and vinyl disposable gloves for painting and varnishing, to safety gloves, which are particularly suitable for precision work where there is a risk of cutting, to multi-use protective gloves with or without nitrile coating, which are suitable for working with grease - you will find the right gloves for every job on your boat.

Protective Overalls

Whether you're giving your boat a new antifouling coat or sanding the surface to apply boat paint, our highly breathable and comfortable work overall ensures that fine abrasive particles, paint splashes and chemicals don't stick to your clothes or skin. Save yourself tedious washing, scrubbing and prevent skin irritation!  

Goggles and respirators

For repairs on board, both for sanding work and for painting and varnishing, wearing protective goggles and breathing masks is of utmost importance to prevent injuries. In this respect, our 3M safety goggles are particularly suitable for people who wear glasses and can be individually adapted. To prevent the inhalation of dust during grinding, we recommend our 3M Premium Respirator Mask, which is comfortable, as well as safe to wear and important for your well-being. The 3M Comfort Respirator with activated carbon filter is recommended for protection against gases, vapours, as they occur when applying antifouling or boat paints and yacht primers, as well as fine dust.

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Mariusz N. on 13.04.2024

Good price, good quality of ordered items, fast delivery.

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Better price for the same goods in the UK by far. Thanks.

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Always perfect.