Scrubber Handles & Scrubber Sets for Boat Cleaning

Cleaning on board made easy! Look forward to the spring clean with our sturdy scrubber handles and practical scrubbing brush sets specially designed for use on boats. Our extendable washing brushes with a length of up to 3 metres allow you to get to areas of your ship that are difficult to reach. And best of all: After cleaning, you can simply take the multi-part wash brushes apart and store them away! We, of course, also have one-piece, fixed scrubber handles with or without water flow.  Learn more about Scrubbers & Scrubber Sets...
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All in one

- A Cleaning set consisting of mop, scrubbing brush and boat hook tip -
A scrubber handle with 3 different parts. With it, you will have be able to tackle several areas and materials on your yacht. This is our tip for the cleanest boat trip you've ever made! A mooring hook is available as an additional attachment, which is helpful for pulling ropes quickly and safely through buoy eyes, cleats and rings, even at some distance. 

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Roger S. on 23.11.2021

Thank you. Will use again.

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Corinna K. on 23.11.2021

Can't recommend them enough excellent quality and service

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MCTechMalta, M. on 22.11.2021

Very efficient service