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Sikaflex or Sika for short is probably the best known adhesive and sealing compound used on yachts and boats. Sikaflex or Sika is often even used as a synonym for adhesives and sealants. From grouting deck joints and glueing skirting boards to the hull, sealing sacrificial anodes to installing plastic window panes on board, Sikaflex adhesives and sealants can be used for a wide range of jobs on your motorboat or sailing yacht.

Type of use for Sikaflex adhesives and sealants

- Only the right product is effective and lasts the longest -

Sikaflex 221i
- For sealing thru-hulls, cable inlets, hatches, deck hardware
- Embedding cleats and fittings

Sikaflex 291i
- Sealing fittings, sacrificial anodes and wooden planks to the hull
- For bonding rub rails, wooden panels and tiles

Sikaflex 591
- Particularly low-emission multifunctional sealant for indoor and outdoor use

Sikaflex 290DC PRO
- Sealing wooden planks to the hull
- For grouting teak deck joints

Sikaflex 252
- Keel-hull bonding
- For glueing rub rails & prefabricated wooden panels
- Smoothing out bumps

Sikaflex 260 N
- For glueing skirting and rub rails, hatches and deck hardware

Sikaflex 295 UV (for areas with high UV exposure)
- Gluing flying bridge constructions
- Installing plastic window panes
- Sealing fittings

Sikaflex 292i
- Bonding rub rails, flying bridge constructions
- Keel-hull and deck-hull bonding
- Sealing fittings

Sikaflex Primer

Depending on the type of surface you are using Sikaflex adhesives and sealants on, it must first be treated with a suitable Sikaflex primer or activator. In some rare cases, sanding the surface and/or removing oil, grease and dust is all that is required. The type of Sikaflex primer that should be used for a particular Sikaflex sealant or adhesive depends on several factors:
1.) The material of the surface to be bonded or sealed
 2.) The surroundings or environment in which the sealant or adhesive is to be used
.       - Indoor or outdoor
      - Temperature and water exposure
      - Environmental conditions (e.g. highly corrosive environments)
3.) Mechanical stress (bonding of small parts or large parts where more movement of joins is to be expected)
. To find the right Sikaflex Primer or Sikaflex Activator for your Sikaflex adhesive or sealant, feel free to contact our water sports experts for individual advice

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