Thinners for Boat & Yacht Paints

Antifouling products, boat varnishes and yacht primers can be thinned to achieve better flow properties and make them easier to apply. Adding thinner also ensures that the boat paint penetrates and absorbs better into the material. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions about thinners and boat paints.  Learn more about Thinners...
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What are thinners?

Thinners are mixtures of solvents which are tailored to specific types of paint, such as antifouling, primers, boat paint and varnish.

What types of thinner are there for boats and yachts? 

There are thinners for antifouling paints, thinners for primers and thinners for one- and two-component boat varnishes. Universal thinner should never be used for yacht paints, as this may cause the boat paint to separate into different parts. The paint surface may also become tacky, matt or milky, or the entire yacht paint may remain soft and not harden.

What is the right thinner for my boat?

The appropriate thinner for antifouling, primer or boat paint depends on the bonding agent and the desired properties of the paint (fast drying, good colour gradient, etc.). Always observe the manufacturer's instructions for the yacht paint used in order to add the appropriate thinner at the correct ratio. 

Apply thinner with a brush or roller?

Thinners with "slow" solvents are suitable for application with a brush and roller, because the paint can spread better. "Fast" solvents, on the other hand, are more suitable for spray application. 

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