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Probably the best known thinner for yacht paints or the best known solvent in boat building is acetone. Acetone can be used universally for boats and yachts. Acetone is available from SVB in 1 litre containers or 6 litre containers for large-scale application.

Possible uses of acetone

- Probably the best known thinner -

Acetone can be used as a thinner for adhesives and for diluting nitro-combination lacquers and as a degreasing cleaning agent for motor boats, sailing boats and catamarans. It can also be used to clean tools used for polyester processing. Special care should be taken with acrylic glass, as acetone can damage it.

Yachtcare thinner & Epifane paint thinner

Discover Yachtcare's Thinner for Yachtcare Sealant and Yachtcare Clearcoat as well as Epifanes' paint thinner for 1-component primers, boat paints and varnishes.

Plant-based thinner for boat paint

If you are looking for a plant-based thinner for your boat paint, Tokiol's Turpentine Oil can be used. Balsam Turpentine Oil can be used in a variety of applications to dilute all solvent-containing products in yacht building and to clean brushes and tools for the maintenance of motor boats and sailboats. 

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Caoimhín O. on 01.02.2023

Easy to order and fast delivery

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Petri L. on 31.01.2023

It was surprised how quickly all three items I ordered arrived at my door.

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Gatis A. on 31.01.2023

I would order from SVB again