Hempel Thinner

Hempel thinners improve the flow properties of boat paints, clear varnishes for powerboats and sailboats, and antifouling and boat primers. Before using Hempel thinners, make sure that the brushes and rollers can withstand the solvents contained in the thinner and that the thinner selected is compatible with your Hempel boat paint.

Hempel thinners - an overview

- for improved flow properties -

For an overview of which Hempel thinner is suitable for which product, please refer to the following table.

Hempel Thinner Suitable for Application
Thinner 811 / No 1 Hempel thinner for 1-component coating systems from Hempel Priming
Primer Undercoat, 
​Underwater Primer
Boat varnishing
Multicoat, Brilliant Enamel
Clear varnishing
Dura Gloss Varnish, Dura Satin Varnish, Classic Varnish
Thinner 871 / No 2 Hempel thinner for 2-component coating systems from Hempel Clear varnishing
Diamond Vanish
Boat varnishing
Surpreme Gloss, Poly Gloss
Light Primer
Cleaning tools, paint brushes, rollers and sprayers
Thinner 808 / No 3 Hempel thinner for antifoulings from Hempel Antifouling
Mille Dynamic, Hard Racing, Glide Speed, Glide Cruise, Aluxtra, Mille Plus, Water Glide, Mille Ultimate
Thinner 845 / No 5 Hempel thinner for epoxy primer by Hempel and Hempel underwater primer as well as for cleaning tools after use of Hempel filler  Priming
Light Primer/Underwater Primer
Cleaning tools after using High Protect or Epoxy Filler / Pro Filler, Universal Epoxy Putty
Thinner 851 / No 6 Hempel spray thinner for Hempel boat paint Boat varnishing Poly Gloss/Surpreme Gloss

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