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Satin-finish varnished surfaces on your boat require little effort to keep them looking good. Dust and fingerprints are difficult to spot, and even minor scratches or marks in the boat varnish go undetected. And if you do notice the surface getting dirty, this can be easily removed without leaving traces on the clear varnish. Buy satin mat clear varnish from us here. We sell high-quality boat paints from companies including INTERNATIONAL, EPIFANESHEMPEL and BOERO.

What is clear satin varnish?

- Attractive and stylish -

Easy to use and very low maintenance - clear varnish for boats emphasises wood's natural grain, provides protection and updates the look of your boat. If you don't want your boat furniture to have a high-gloss finish, semi-gloss satin finish is a classy alternative for use on wooden surfaces above the waterline. Clearcoat - semi-gloss varnish is excellent for both interior and exterior surfaces, is easier to apply than high-gloss yacht varnish, and has the same level of elasticity, UV stability, weather protection, and water resistance as high-gloss yacht varnish. Other advantages of a semi-gloss lacquer over a high-gloss include: minor damage and dirt are less noticeable, and satin matt surfaces are easier to paint over.

Satin-matt clearcoats are commercially available in a variety of forms, such as single-component or two-component clearcoats, as well as based on various synthetic resins such as acrylic resin, alkyd resin, or polyurethane alkyd resin. These extremely durable synthetic resin paints are gaining more traction in the pleasure boating industry. They react with air/humidity or a hardener as a secondary component during the curing process, resulting in greater robustness. A hardener is already included in 1-component silk matt clearcoats, whereas in 2-component boat paints it is added before use. Spray versions of both types are available. Two-component spray paints must be shaken thoroughly before use.

Both water-based and solvent-based polyurethane clear semi-gloss varnish, PU acrylic semi-gloss varnish, and acrylic semi-gloss varnish are available. Water-based clear lacquers are better for indoor use because no harmful vapours enter the room air, but they dry slower. Furthermore, 1-component clearcoats are easier to apply than 2-component clearcoats because the outside temperature is less important during application and larger areas can be processed as rapid curing is not an issue. 2-part yacht paint is more durable, but also more expensive than 1-part boat paint.

What kind of matt clear varnish should I use for what kind of wood?

- Highlight wood's natural beauty with semi-gloss clear varnish -

How to apply semi-gloss yacht varnish? First make sure the surface is thoroughly clean, dry and grease free. Existing coats must be intact if you are overpainting them. The surface to be painted, or the old coating, must be sanded with P320 to P500 grit sandpaper for good adhesion. Carefully remove the sanding dust before applying the silk-matt varnish with a roller or brush. Matt clear varnish (mixed with a matting agent) and semi-gloss products work best in dry weather and temperatures ranging from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.

If you're starting from scratch, five to six coats of semi-gloss clear varnish should be applied on top of each other to obtain a sufficient film thickness. On rough, porous wood (oak, ash, etc. ), the first two coats should be thinned, followed by unthinned coats. Between coats, sand with paper to achieve a smooth finish. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions for drying time between work steps. One or two coats of unthinned paint is sufficient on wood that is already varnished.

Not all matt clear varnishes are suitable for all woods: Oily woods such as for teak furnishings or iroko should be treated with 1-part semi-gloss clear varnish or 2-part semi-gloss clear varnish, the same applies to resinous timber. Water-soluble wood components such as tannic acids in oak and ash can cause ugly discoloration with water-based clear varnishes, thus reaction lacquers are a wiser option for these woods.

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You can find high-quality products from the brands INTERNATIONAL, EPIFANES, HEMPEL and BOERO in our other shop categories. We also have a range of useful items to help you to paint your boat successfully, such as protective clothing, primer brushes, high-gloss clear varnish or painting rollers.

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