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International has become truly synonymous with antifouling and provides the most innovative painting solutions for protecting, beautifying and enhancing the performance of all types of boats. International boasts more than 160 years of experience and is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality underwater paints and protection products for the boating and marine industries. No matter where and in which waters you are, International can provide you with the right paint for your yacht. Learn more about International Antifouling...
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Why should antifouling be applied?
Antfouling prevents the boat's hull from becoming contaminated with various aquatic organisms. Marine life, such as barnacles, algae or mussels cause drag, and as the boat becomes heavier and heavier the sailing speed is reduced. As a result, fuel consumption increases, leading to greater costs. For this reason, applying antifouling is particularly necessary and a must for every boat.

Find the right antifouling for your boat too!
With its high quality and innovations, International has positioned itself with a broad range of products and made it an absolutely essential tool for the maintenance of your ship.
There are three different types of antifouling: International hard antifouling, International self-polishing antifouling and thin-film antifouling.

Which antifouling should be chosen depends on what was applied previously. Self-polishing versions (Cruiser 250, Cruiser 200 or Micron 350) are mostly used on slower boats and sailing boats, while hard antifouling (Ultra 300) is perfect for fast boats and motor yachts. Thin-film antifouling (VC 17m) does not work by delivering active ingredients to the water, but by creating a very smooth surface, which makes it difficult for organisms to attach.
The fact is that no antifouling coating can be universally applied to any underwater area. In addition to hull antifouling, there is also antifouling specifically for metallic propellers and Z-drives. This area requires a special antifouling coating, which is usually supplied in spray bottles.

Qualitative, innovative and individual
Irrespective of whether the boat to be painted is a GRP boat, steel boat, aluminium boat or a wooden boat - the large selection of paints from International will certainly provide you with a suitable underwater coating so that you can renew and paint the underside of your boat without difficulty. Most antifouling products are available in the colours dover white, black, red, blue, green or grey to give you a great finish.

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Jürgen S. / 03.05.2018:
"Well, there's not a lot you can say about just how much the people from International know about antifouling"

Further useful information can be found in our Antifouling Guide.

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