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The company International has become truly synonymous with antifouling and provides the most innovative painting solutions for protecting, visually enhancing and improving the performance of all types of boats. The world's leading manufacturer of high-quality marine paints and products for use in the yachting and shipping industry provides the perfect antifouling for every environment and water. International Primer has been developed through many years of experience in providing effective solutions in this area. Buy International Antifouling and enjoy the best protection for the underside of your boat wherever you are sail!

International Antifouling

- Antifouling from one of the leading manufacturers in the world -

Why should I use antifouling on my boat?

With more than 160 years of experience, International produces high quality and reliable antifouling paints for all boats and sailing areas. International antifouling prevents the boat's hull from becoming contaminated with various aquatic organisms. You too can protect your boat and apply antifouling to your hull from the world's leading manufacturer.

Find the right antifouling for your boat too!

With its high quality and innovations, International has positioned itself with a broad range of products and made it an absolutely essential tool for the maintenance of your ship.
There are three different types of antifouling, and no one type of antifouling coating can be universally applied to any underwater area. The types are: International hard antifouling, International self-polishing antifouling and thin-film antifouling. The antifouling that should be chosen depends on what was applied previously. Self-polishing antifouling from International is mostly used on slower boats and sailing boats, while hard antifouling from International is perfect for fast boats and motor yachts. International thin-film antifouling creates a very smooth surface, which makes it difficult for organisms to attach.
In addition to hull antifouling, there is also International antifouling specifically for metallic propellers and Z-drives. This area requires a special antifouling coating, which is usually supplied in spray bottles. 

International Antifouling - high-quality, innovative and individual

Irrespective of whether the boat to be painted is a GRP boat, steel boat, aluminium boat or a wooden boat - the large selection of paints from International will certainly provide you with a suitable underwater coating. When it comes to colour, most International antifoulings are available in dover white, black, red, blue, green or grey. In addition, some International antifoulings are available in dark grey and navy blue.

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Customer review of International Antifouling

Our customer Jürgen S. / 03.05.2018:
"Those guys from from International really know about antifouling"

Further useful information can be found in our Antifouling-Guide.

Buy International Antifouling

Do you want to buy International paint for your boat? In our online shop you will find a large selection of International Antifouling paints.

Buy International Antifouling at a great price and protect the hull of your boat!

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