Outboard Engine Locks

In order to protect your outboard motor from theft, an outboard motor lock provides the best boat engine security. Anti-theft devices are an effective deterrent, and the more visibly secure an engine is, the less likely a thief will try to steal it. On the other hand, insurance companies require proof of the best possible protection in the case of damage. Would you like to buy an outboard lock that is easy to install? SVB has a wide range of safe and easy-to-install products at the best value for money!

Stop thieves in their tracks!

Boat theft can happen everywhere: at anchor, in marinas or in winter storage. Beware of thieves! Outboard motors are a prime target for thieves. In fact, the police even refer to them as "modern-day pirates". Outboard motor theft is a common occurrence all over the world, and unfortunately, the chances of recovering a stolen engine are slim. This is why it is all the more important to have a good outboard motor lock for anti-theft protection. Outboard motor locks not only prevent thefts, insurance providers usually require proof of protection in the case of a damage claim request. An outboard lock is therefore doubly useful.

How do I secure my outboard from theft?

Prevention is the best way to stop someone stealing your outboard. The longer it takes to remove your motor, the less likely it is to be stolen. Thieves are extremely well organised and operate with utmost professionalism. Most gangs have a spotter that scouts yachts to target. Where do thefts occur? Which anti-theft devices are used on different outboards? How can you make your motor less likely to be stolen?

The best tip is to store your outboard out of sight and reach of potential thieves. Some seasoned boaters also deface, paint, or wrap the hood to make the outboard look like a shoddy old engine, without any value. This can limit the risk by making it less attractive, but it's not for everyone. You should, however, make a note of the serial number and engine for the insurance company. Another safeguard is to stow your outboard securely every evening, for example in a locker if it is large enough.

The best protection is provided by special outboard engine locks, which can only be picked with professional burglary tools and a lot of time. You can find a selection of high-quality locks in our shop.

What is the best outboard motor lock?

In order to ensure insurance protection and to make things more difficult for thieves, small outboard motors (up to 35/40 hp) can be secured with a shackle lock or spindle lock. The insurance approved outboard lock bar is finshed in brushed stainless steel lock and placed on the motor's mounting brackets, making them inaccessible to thieves.

Our STAZO outboard motor lock is another variant of this type of anti-theft protection. The smartlock is a large cube made of stainless steel, which is attached to the transom and clamps around one of the outboard's mounting brackets. where it is locked. This makes it almost impossible to remove without authorisation. The STAZO lock is suitable for all outboard motors up to 35/40 hp. 

Larger outboard motors that are firmly bolted to the vessel offer much better protection against theft. Accessing the bolts requires breaking into the boat, which should deter most thieves. A nutlock lock offers additional protection. The lock is placed on a through-bolted screw and locked with a key.

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In our shop you can find high quality locks for outboards from well-known brands such as STAZO, a Dutch specialist in boat engine security. Their mechanical anti-theft devices for outboard motors are made of high-quality, thick-walled stainless steel.

Our shackle lock, the cheapest alternative for outboard security, boasts great value for money, good quality and is easy to fit. But that's not what we say, it's what our customers say.

You can, of course, also find the right outboard motor for your lock in our SVB shop - for your dinghy, tender or inflatable. We have outboard motors from the leading manufacturers such as HONDA, SUZUKI or MERCURY.

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